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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 88-APR. 26, 1939 Ambulances, motor- cycles, etc. Not available for designated vehicles ex- cept for salvaging. Exceptions. Transportation costs, supplies, equip- ment, etc. Horses, draft and pack animals, pur- chase. Encouragement of breeding of riding hores. the value of any vehicle exchanged, and not to exceed $600,000 may be expended for the purchase or exchange of motor-propelled ambu- lances, motorcycles, and trucks of station-wagon type: Provided fur- ther, That no appropriation contained in this Act shall be available for any expense of any character, other than as may be incident to salvaging or scrapping, on account of any motor-propelled vehicle procured prior to January 1, 1920, except tanks, tractors, ambulances, fire trucks, searchlight trucks, three hundred and ninety modernized Class B trucks, and vehicles in use by Reserve Officers' Training Corps units on February 19, 1935: Provided further, That during the fiscal year 1940 the cost of transportation from point of origin to the first point of storage or consumption of supplies, equipment, and material in connection with the manufacturing and purchasing activi- ties of the Quartermaster Corps may be charged to the appropriations from which such supplies, equipment, and material are procured. HORSES, DRAPT AND PACK ANIMALS For the purchase of draft and pack animals and horses within limits as to age, sex, and size to be prescribed by the Secretary of War for remounts for officers entitled to public mounts, for the United States Military Academy, and for such organizations and members of the military service as may be required to be mounted, and for all expenses incident to such purchases (including $92,030 for encouragement of the breeding of riding horses suitable for the Army, in cooperation with the Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Agriculture, including the purchase of animals for breeding purposes and their maintenance), $307,150. MILITARY POSTS Construction, main- tenance,etc. For construction and installation of buildings, flying fields, and Po 327. appurtenances thereto, including interior facilities, fixed equipment, necessary services, roads, connections to water, sewer, gas, and elec- tric mains, purchase and installation of telephone and radio equip- ment, and similar improvements, and procurement of transportation R. S .s1 c1, 3734. incident thereto, without reference to sections 1136 and 3734, Revised u.s.c. i2a7. Statutes (10 U. S . C. 1339; 40 U. S . C . 267); general overhead expenses of transportation, engineering, supplies, inspection and supervision, and such services as may be necessary in the office of the R s370 Quartermaster General; and the engagement by contract or otherwise 41 U. SC.1. without regard to section 3709, Revised Statutes (41 U. S . C. 5), and Tecicaletcs. at such rates of compensation as the Secretary of War may deter- icese. mnine, of the services of architects or firms or corporations thereof and other technical and professional personnel as may be necessary; $8,594,878, to remain available until expended and to be applied as 49 stat. 610o. follows: For work authorized by the Act of August 12, 1935 (49 Stat. 10U. C., p 610-611): At Hickam Field, Hawaii, $3,086,978; Albrook Field, IV, §§ 1343a-1343d . nadio aids to ar Canal Zone, $2,014,400; and radio aids to air navigation, $322,500; Militryposts,con - for work authorized by the Act of August 26, 1937 (50 Stat. 857- strctionat. 862) : At Fort Clayton, Canal Zone, $689,500; Fort Davis, Canal Zone Obligations under $553,000; and Fort Kobbe, Canal Zone, $90,000; and for the payment contract authoriza- tions. of obligations incurred in the amount of $1,838,500 under the contract authorizations provided for under this head in the Military Appro- 52 stat. 651. priation Act for the fiscal year 1939. ACQUISITION OF LAND Hatbox Field, Okla. , radiobeacon site. 52 Stat. 652 . Not to exceed $5,000 of the unexpended balance of the appropria tion under this head in the Military Appropriation Act, 1939, is hereby made available until expended for the acquisition of a site for 602 [53 STAT.