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53 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 1ST SESS.- CH. 88 -APR. 26 , 1939 appropriation for Air Corps, Army, fiscal year 1937, shall remain available until June 30, 1940, for the payment of obligations incurred under contracts executed prior to July 1, 1937. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT ARMY MEDICAL AND HOSPITAL DEPARTMENT For the manufacture and purchase of medical and hospital sup- plies, including disinfectants, for military posts, camps, hospitals, hospital ships and transports, for laundry work for enlisted men and Army nurses while patients in a hospital, and supplies required for mosquito destruction in and about military posts in the Canal Zone; for the purchase of veterinary supplies and hire of veterinary sur- geons; for expenses of medical supply depots; for medical care and treatment of patients, including supernumeraries, not otherwise pro- vided for, including care and subsistence in private hospitals of officers, enlisted men, and civilian employees of the Army, of appli- cants for enlistment, and of prisoners of war and other persons in military custody or confinement, when entitled thereto by law, regu- lation, or contract: Provided, That this shall not apply to officers and enlisted men who are treated in private hospitals or by civilian physicians while on furloughs or leaves of absence in excess of twenty-four hours; for the proper care and treatment of epidemic and contagious diseases in the Army or at military posts or stations, including measures to prevent the spread thereof, and the payment of reasonable damages not otherwise provided for for bedding and clothing injured or destroyed in such prevention; for the care of insane Filipino soldiers in conformity with the Act of Congress approved May 11, 1908 (24 U. S . C . 198); for the pay of male and female nurses, not including the Army Nurse Corps, and of cooks and other civilians employed for the proper care of sick officers and soldiers, under such regulations fixing their number, qualifications, assignments, pay, and allowances as shall have been or shall be pre- scribed by the Secretary of War; for the pay of civilian physicians employed to examine physically applicants for enlistment and enlisted men and to render other professional services from time to time under proper authority; for the pay of other employees of the Medical Department; for the payment of express companies and local trans- fers employed directly by the Medical Department for the trans- portation of medical and hospital supplies, including bidders' samples and water for analysis; for supplies for use in teaching the art of cooking to the enlisted force of the Medical Department; for the supply of Army and Navy Hospital at Hot Springs, Arkansas; for advertising, laundry, and all other necessary miscellaneous expenses of the Medical Department, $1,551,072. HOSPITAL CARE, CANAL ZONE GARRISONS For paying the Panama Canal such reasonable charges, exclusive of subsistence, as may be approved by the Secretary of War for caring in its hospitals for officers, enlisted men, military prisoners, and civilian employees of the Army admitted thereto upon the request of proper military authority, $50,000: Provided,That the sub- sistence of the said patients, except commissioned officers, shall be paid to said hospitals out of the appropriation for subsistence of the Army at the rates provided therein for commutation of rations for enlisted patients in general hospitals. 607 Supplies. Post,p. 995. Private treatment. Proviso. If on furlough, etc. Epidemic and con- tagious diseases. Insane Filipino soldiers. 35 Stat. 122 . 24 U.S. C.§ 198. Nurses. Civilian physicians. Army and Navy Hospital,Hot Springs, Ark. Hospital care, Canal Zone garrisons. Proviso. Subsistence pay- ments.