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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 88 , 89-APR. 26, 1939 No pay to officer, etc., using time-meas - uring device. Limitation on cash rewards. Private use of Gov- ernment vehicles. Limitation on use of funds for post ex- changes. Provisos. Report required. Isolated posts. Short title. April 26, 1930 [S.828] [Public, No. 45] Navy. 50 Stat. 544. Auxiliary vessels, acquisition and con- version or construc- tion of certain, au- thorized. Types. No part of the appropriations made in this Act shall be available for the salary or pay of any officer, manager, superintendent, fore- man, or other person having charge of the work of any employee of the United States Government while making or causing to be made with a stop watch, or other time-measuring device, a time study of any job of any such employee between the starting and completion thereof, or of the movements of any such employee while engaged upon such work; nor shall any part of the appropriations made in this Act be available to pay any premiums or bonus or cash reward to any employee in addition to his regular wages, except for suggestions resulting in improvements or economy in the operation of any Gov- ernment plant. SEC. 2. No part of any money appropriated by this Act shall be used for maintaining, driving, or operating any Government-owned motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicle assigned for the exclusive use of persons other than the Secretary of War and medical officers on out-patient medical service. SEC. 3. No part of any appropriation made by this Act shall be used in any way to pay any expense in connection with the conduct, opera- tion, or management of any post exchange, branch exchange, or sub- exchange within any State, Territory, or the District of Columbia, save and except for real assistance and convenience to military per- sonnel and civilians employed or serving at military posts and to retired enlisted naval personnel in supplying them with articles of small personal needs, not similar to those furnished by the Govern- ment: Provided, That the commanding officer of the post at which any such exchange is situated shall certify on the monthly report of the post exchange council that such exchange was, during the period covered by such report, operated in compliance with this section: Providedfurther, That at posts isolated from a convenient market the Secretary of War may broaden the nature of the articles to be sold. SEc. 4. This Act may be cited as the "Military Appropriation Act, 1940". Approved, April 26, 1939. [CHAPTER 89] AN ACT To permit the President to acquire and convert, as well as to construct, certain auxiliary vessels for the Navy. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section 1 of the Act entitled "An Act to authorize the construction of certain auxiliary vessels for the Navy", approved July 30, 1937 (50 Stat. 544), is hereby amended by inserting after the word "authorized", in the fifth line thereof, the words 'to acquire and convert or", so that the said section as amended will read as follows: "That for the purpose of furnishing or replacing auxiliary vessels urgently necessary for the proper maintenance and operation of the Navy, the President of the United States is hereby authorized to acquire and convert or to undertake the construction of about thirty- six thousand and fifty tons (light displacement tonnage) of such auxiliary vessels as follows, at a total cost for all vessels of not more than $50,000,000; "(a) One seaplane tender of about eight thousand three hundred tons, "(b) One destroyer tender of about nine thousand tons; 618 [53 STAT.