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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 115-MAY 6, 1939 .3S ats.11 . 5 approved March 3, 1925 (27 U. S . C . 41), maintenance, repair, 19U. S. C. are522- 624. exchange, and operation of motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehi- cles, to be used only for official purposes at headquarters and in the field, motion-picture equipment (not to exceed $30,000) and material for official purposes, and the rental of quarters in the District of Columbia, as follows: Paand, allowances. Pay and allowances: For pay and allowances prescribed by law for commissioned officers, cadets, warrant officers, petty officers, and other enlisted men, active and retired, temporary cooks, surfmen, substitute retired members of surfmen, and three civilian instructors, retired pay for certain mem- Service. bers of the former Life Saving Service authorized by the Act 4 sta.164 78 approved April 14, 1930 (14 U. S . C . 178a), and not exceeding $8,000 Cash prizes. for cash prizes for men for excellence in boatmanship, gunnery, target Deathallowances. practice, and engineering competitions; for carrying out the provi- 41 Stat. 824. sions of the Act of June 4, 1920 (34 U. S . C. 943); not to exceed $7,500 for cost of special instruction, including maintenance of stu- dents; rations or commutation thereof for cadets, petty officers, and other enlisted men, mileage and expenses allowed by law for officers; Travelingexpenses. and traveling expenses of other persons traveling on duty under orders from the Treasury Department, including transportation of cadets, enlisted men, and applicants for enlistment, with subsistence Recruiting. and transfers en route, or cash in lieu thereof; expenses of recruiting for the Coast Guard, rent of rendezvous, and expenses of maintaining the same; advertising for and obtaining men and apprentice seamen and applicants for appointment as cadets; transportation and packing allowances for baggage or household effects of commissioned officers, warrant officers, and enlisted men; and including not to exceed $23,000 for the recreation, amusement, comfort, contentment, and health of the enlisted men of the Coast Guard, to be expended in the roviso. discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, $18,445,500: Provided, aerilig pay t or That no part of this appropriation shall be used for increased pay at a rate in excess of $1,440 per annum to any nonflying commissioned officer or commissioned officer observer for making aerial flights; which rate shall be the legal maximum rate of such increased pay as to any such officer; Fuel and water. Fuel and ater: For fuel, lubricating oil, kerosene, and water, and for the furnishing of heat, light, and power (service) for vessels, stations, and houses of refuge, $1,450,000; outits, stores, et Outfits: For outfits, including necessary supplies and equipment, medals, newspapers, and periodicals for statistical purposes, rental of mechanical accounting machinery, repairs to portable equipment at shore units, ship chandlery, engineers stores, and draft animals and their maintenance, $1,6002000; Stationimprove- Rebuilding and repairing stations: For rebuilding and repairing stations and houses of refuge, temporary leases, rent, and improve- ments of property for Coast Guard purposes, including use of addi- tional land where necessary, $265,000; Communication Communication lines: For coastal communication lines and facili- ties and their maintenance, and communication service, $136,000; Civieian field e m- Civilian employees: For compensation of civilian employees in the field, including clerks to district commanders and per diem labor, $206,750; Contingent ex. Contingent expenses: For contingent expenses, including subsis- penses. Pot, p. 132. tence of shipwrecked and destitute persons succored by the Coast Guard, and of prisoners while in the custody of the Coast Guard; instruments, apparatus, and services necessary to the carrying on of scientific investigation, and not exceeding $4,000 for experimental and research work; care, transportation, and burial of deceased officers and enlisted men, including those who die in Government 664 [53 STAT.