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53 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 1ST SESS. - CH. 115-MAY 6, 1939 geons general) and for pay of regular commissioned officers on waiting orders, $1,959,800: Provided, That the above limitation on the number of regular active commissioned officers may be exceeded by the number (not in excess of twenty) of regular active com- missioned officers assigned to Federal penal and correctional institutions. Acting assistant surgeons, pay: For pay of acting assistant sur- geons (noncommissioned medical officers), $320,000. Pay of other employees: For pay of all other employees (attend- ants, and so forth), $1,000,000. Freight, transportation, and so forth: For freight, transportation, and traveling expenses, including allowances for living quarters, including heat, fuel, and light, as authorized by the Act approved June 26, 1930 (5 U. S . C. 118a), not to exceed $5,000 but not to exceed $1,700 for any one person; the expenses, except membership fees, of officers when officially detailed to attend meetings for the promotion of public health; contract stenographic reporting services; not to exceed $450 for journals and scientific books, office of the Surgeon General; not to exceed $1,000 for the preparation of public- health exhibits designed to demonstrate the cause, prevalence, methods of spread, and measures for preventing diseases dangerous to the public health, including personal services and the cost of acquiring, transporting, and displaying exhibit material; and the packing, crat- ing, drayage, and transportation of the personal effects of commis- sioned officers, scientific personnel, administrative assistants, aides, dietitians, pharmacists, and nurses of the Public Health Service, upon permanent change of station, $25,000: Provided, That funds expend- able for transportation and traveling expenses may also be used for preparation for shipment and transportation to their former homes of remains of officers who die in line of duty. National Institute of Health, maintenance: For maintaining the National Institute of Health, $125,000. Pay of personnel and maintenance of hospitals: For medical examinations, including the amount necessary for the medical inspec- tion of aliens, as required by section 16 of the Act of February 5, 1917 (8 I. S . C . 152), medical, surgical, and hospital services and supplies, including prosthetic and orthopedic supplies to be furnished under regulations approved by the Secretary of the Treasury, for beneficiaries (other than patients of the Veterans' Administration) of the Public Health Service and persons detained in hospitals of the Public Health Service under the quarantine or immigration laws and regulations, including necessary personnel and reserve commis- sioned officers of the Public Health Service, personal services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, including the furnishing and laundering of white duck coats, trousers, smocks, aprons, and caps to employees whose duties make necessary the wearing of same, main- tenance, minor repairs, equipment, leases, fuel, lights, water, freight, transportation and travel, the maintenance, exchange, and operation of motortrucks and passenger motor vehicles for official use in field work (including not to exceed $3,000 for the purchase of motor- propelled passenger-carrying vehicles) and one for use in connection with the administrative work of the Public Health Service in the District of Columbia, purchase of ambulances, transportation, care, maintenance, and treatment of lepers, including transportation to their homes in the continental United States of recovered indigent leper patients, court costs, and other expenses incident to proceedings heretofore or hereafter taken for commitment of mentally incom- petent persons to hospitals for the care and treatment of the insane, and reasonable burial expenses (not exceeding $100 for any patient 9 8907°-39--r 2--11 667 Proviso. Exceeding limita- tion on number; re- striction. Acting assistantsur- geons, pay. Pay of other em- ployees. Freight, transporta- tion, etc. Living quarters. 46 Stat. 818. 5U. S. C.§118a. Public-health e x- hibits. Transportation of personal effects. Proviso. Transportation of remains of officers. National Institute of Health. Post, p . 1304. Pay of personnel and maintenance of hos- pitals. Medical examina- tions, etc. 39 S tat. 885. 8 U.S. C.§ 152. Personal services. General expenses. Vehicles. Lepers, insane, etc.