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°ohospi tals at dying in hospital), $6,719,000: Provided, That the Immigration Ellis Island Immigra- Service shall permit the Public Health Service to use the hospitals tion Station. at Ellis Island Immigration Station for the care of Public Health Service patients free of expense for physical upkeep, but with a charge of actual cost of fuel, light, water, telephone, and similar supplies and services, to be covered into the proper Immigration Designatedreceipts Service appropriations; and money collected by the Immigration Treasury. Service on account of hospital expenses of persons detained in hos- pitals of the Public Health Service under the immigration laws and regulations shall be covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous Uses forbidden. receipts: Provided further, That no part of this sum shall be used for the quarantine service (except for persons detained in hospitals of the Public Health Service at points where no quarantine hospital facilities are available), the prevention of epidemics, or scientific work of the character provided for under the appropriations which follow. Quarantine service. Quarantine service: For maintenance and ordinary expenses, exclu- sive of pay of officers and employees of United States quarantine stations, including the exchange, maintenance, repair, and operation of motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles for official use in field work and not to exceed $9,500 for the purchase of motor- propelled passenger-carrying vehicles, $287,980. Prevention of epi- Prevention of epidemics: To enable the President, in case only of em s . threatened or actual epidemic of infectious or contagious disease, to aid State and local boards or otherwise in his discretion, in preventing and suppressing the spread of the same, and in such emergency in the execution of any quarantine laws which may be then in force, $305,000, including the purchase of newspapers and clippings from newspapers containing information relating to the prevalence of disease and the public health. tinterstate quaran Interstate quarantine service: For cooperation with State and municipal health authorities in the prevention of the spread of con- tagious and infectious diseases in interstate traffic, including the purchase and exchange, not to exceed $1,000, and maintenance, repair, and operation of passenger-carrying automobiles, $36,500. Beluationdo saleoft Biologic products: To regulate the propagation and sale of viruses, viruses, etc. serums, toxins, and analogous products, including arsphenamine, for the preparation of curative and diagnostic biologic products, including personal services of Reserve commissioned officers and other personnel, $53,000. Dielesve manereae- Division of Venereal Diseases: For the maintenance and expenses nance. of the Division of Venereal Diseases, established by sections 3 and 4, 42u.s. C. i24,25. chapter XV, of the Act approved July 9, 1918 (42 U. S . C. 24, 25), 452SUS. C , upp. and for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of the Act of IV,§25a. May 24, 1938 (52 Stat. 439-440), including rent and personnel and General expenses. other services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere; items other- wise properly chargeable to the appropriations for printing and binding, stationery, and miscellaneous and contingent expenses for the Treasury Department; purchase of reports, documents, and other material for publication and of reprints from State, city, and private Vehicles. publications; purchase (not to exceed $1,500), maintenance, repair, and operation of passenger-carrying automobiles for official use in Attendanceatmeet- field work; transportation; traveling expenses, including attendance at public meetings when directed by the Surgeon General; and the packing, crating, drayage, and transportation of personal effects of commissioned officers, scientific personnel, pharmacists, administrative assistants, aides, dietitians, and nurses of the Public Health Service upon permanent change of station, $5,000,000. 668 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 115-MAY 6, 1939 [53 STAT.