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53 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 115-MAY 6, 1939 Provided, That the provisions of section 322 of the Act of June 30, 1932 (47 Stat. 412), shall not apply with respect to the rental of temporary quarters for housing Federal activities during the replace- ment or remodeling of buildings authorized under this or previous Acts. Social Security Board and Railroad Retirement Board Buildings: For continuation of the acquisition of the necessary land and the construction of buildings for the Social Security Board and the Rail- road Retirement Board, $8,000,000. War Department Building: For continuation of the acquisition of land as a site for buildings for the War Department, and for continuation of the construction of the first building unit, $5,000,000. Government Printing Office, annex buildings, Washington, District of Columbia: For completion of construction of annex buildings for the Government Printing Office, $2,800,000. Payment of claims for relief of contractors, Act of June 16, 1934: To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to make payment of claims settled and certified by'the Comptroller General of the United States under the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to provide relief to Government contractors whose costs of performance were increased as a result of compliance with the Act approved June 16, 1933, and for other purposes", approved June 16, 1934 (41 U. S. C. 28), not to exceed $300,000 of the unexpended balance of the appropriation available for this purpose for the fiscal year 1939 is continued avail- able until June 30, 1940. 673 Proviso. Rental of temporary quarters. 47 Stat. 412. 40 U.S. C . §40a. Social Security Board and Railroad Retirement Board Buildings, site and construction. War Department Building, site and construction. Government Print- ing Office, completion of annex buildings. Relief of Govern- ment contractors. Losses due to com- pliance with codes. 48 Stat. 074. 41 U.S.C. 28. Unexpended bal- ance, amount contin- ued available. PROCUREMENT DIVISION--BRANCH OF SUPPLY Salaries and expenses: For the Director of Procurement and other personal services in the District of Columbia and in the field service, and for miscellaneous expenses, including office supplies and mate- rials, purchase and exchange of motortrucks and maintenance thereof, telegrams, telephone service, traveling expenses, office equipment, fuel, light, electric current, and other expenses for carrying into effect regulations governing the procurement, warehousing, and distribu- tion by the Procurement Division of the Treasury Department of property, equipment, stores, and supplies in the District of Columbia and in the field (including not to exceed $500 to settle claims for damages caused to private property by motor vehicles used by the Procurement Division), $460,000: Provided, That the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed during the fiscal year 1940 to transfer to this appropriation from any appropriations or funds available to the several departments and establishments of the Gov- ernment such amounts as may be approved by the Director of the Bureau of the Budget, not to exceed the amount of the annual com- pensation of employees heretofore or hereafter transferred or detailed to the Procurement Division, Branch of Supply, respectively, from any such department or establishment, where the transfer or detail of such employees was or will be incident to a transfer of a function or functions to that Division: Providedfurther, That payments dur- ing the fiscal year 1940 to the general supply fund for materials, supplies (including fuel), and services, and overhead expenses, for all issues shall be made on the books of the Treasury Department by transfer and counter-warrants prepared by the Procurement Divi- sion of the Treasury Department and countersigned by the Comp- troller General, such warrants to be based solely on itemized invoices prepared by the Procurement Division at issue prices to be fixed by Salaries and ex- penses. Post, p. 1326. Damage claims. Provisos. Transfer offunds for compensation of de- tailed employees. Payments for mate- rials, etc.