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3 STAT.] 76TH CONG., lST SESS.-CH. 11- -MAY 6, 1939 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS, TREASURY DEPARTMENT AMERICAN PRINTING HOUSE FOR THE BLIND To enable the American Printing House for the Blind more adequately to provide books and apparatus for the education of the blind in accordance with the provisions of the Act approved Feb- ruary 8, 1927 (20 U. S. C. 101), $115,000. This title may be cited as the "Treasury Department Appropriation Act 1940". TITLE II-POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT The following sums are appropriated in conformity with the Act of July 2, 1836 (5 U. S. C. 380, 39 U. S. C. 786), for the Post Office Department for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1940, namely: POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT, WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA OFFICE OF THE POSTMASTER GENERAL Salaries: For the Postmaster General and other personal services in the office of the Postmaster General in the District of Columbia, $228,344. SALARIES IN BUREAUS AND OFFICES For personal services in the District of Columbia in bureaus and offices of the Post Office Department in not to exceed the following amounts, respectively: Office of the First Assistant Postmaster General, $388,500. Office of the Second Assistant Postmaster General, $579,260. Office of the Third Assistant Postmaster General, $798,560. Office of the Fourth Assistant Postmaster General, $474,240. Office of the Solicitor for the Post Office Department, $92,500. Office of the chief inspector, $237,000. Office of the purchasing agent, $47,240. Bureau of Accounts, $108,000. CONTINGENT EXPENSES, POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT For contingent and miscellaneous expenses; stationery and blank books, index and guide cards, folders and binding devices, including purchase of free penalty envelopes; telegraph and telephone service, furniture and filing cabinets and repairs thereto; purchase, exchange, maintenance, and repair of tools, electrical supplies, typewriters, add- ing machines, and other labor-saving devices; purchase (including exchange) of one motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicle at not to exceed $1,800, and for maintenance of motor trucks and of two motor-driven passenger-carrying vehicles, to be used only for official purposes (one for the Postmaster General and one for the general use of the Department); streetcar fares; floor coverings; postage stamps for correspondence addressed abroad, which is not exempt under article 49 of the London convention of the Universal Postal Union; purchase and exchange of law books, books of reference, railway guides, city directories, and books necessary to conduct the business of the Department; newspapers, not exceeding $200; expenses, except membership fees, of attendance at meetings or con- ventions concerned with postal affairs, when incurred on the written authority of the Postmaster General, not exceeding $2,000; expenses of the purchasing agent and of the Solicitor and attorneys connected with his office while traveling on business of the Department, not exceeding $800; and other expenses not otherwise provided for; $86,500. 675 American Printing House for the Blind, expenses. 44 Stat. 1060 . 20U. S.C. §101; Supp. IV, 101. Short title. Post Office Depart- ment Appropriation Act, 1940. 5Stat. 80. 5U.S.C.§380;39 U.s.c . §786. Salaries. Salaries in bureaus and offices. Department contin- gent expenses. Vehicles. Correspondence ad- dressed abroad. 49 Stat. 2768. Attendance at meet- ings.