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53 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 1ST SESS. - CH. 115-MAY 6, 1939 Clerks, division headquarters: For compensation of one hundred and ninety-four clerks at division headquarters of post-office inspec- tors, $480,000. Payment of rewards: For payment of rewards for the detection, arrest, and conviction of post-office burglars, robbers, highway mail robbers, and persons mailing or causing to be mailed any bomb, infernal machine, or mechanical, chemical, or other device or com- position which may ignite or explode, $55,000: Provided, That rewards may be paid in the discretion of the Postmaster General, when an offender of the classes mentioned was killed in the act of committing the crime or in resisting lawful arrest: Provided further, That no part of this sum shall be used to pay any rewards at rates in excess of those specified in Post Office Department Order 9273, dated July 25, 1936: Provided further, That of the amount herein appropriated not to exceed $20,000 may be expended, in the discretion of the Postmaster General, for the purpose of securing information concerning violations of the postal laws and for services and infor- mation looking toward the apprehension of criminals. OFFICE OF THE FIRST ASSISTANT POSTMASTER GENERAL Compensation to postmasters: For compensation to postmasters, including compensation as postmaster to persons who, pending the designation of an acting postmaster, assume and properly perform the duties of postmaster in the event of a vacancy in the office of postmaster of the third or fourth class, and for allowances for rent, light, fuel, and equipment to postmasters of the fourth class, $49,650,000. Compensation to assistant postmasters: For compensation to assistant postmasters at first- and second-class post offices, $6,975,000. Clerks, first- and second-class post offices: For compensation to clerks and employees at first- and second-class post offices, including auxiliary clerk hire at summer and winter post offices, printers, mechanics, skilled laborers, watchmen, messengers, laborers, and substitutes, $200,000,000. Clerks, contract stations: For compensation to clerks in charge of contract stations, $1,550,000. Separating mails: For separating mails at third- and fourth-class post offices, $410,000. Unusual conditions: For unusual conditions at post offices $80,000. Clerks, third-class post offices: For allowances to third-class post offices to cover the cost of clerical services, $7,725,000. Miscellaneous items, first- and second-class post offices: For mis- cellaneous items necessary and incidental to the operation and protec- tion of post offices of the first and second classes, and the business conducted in connection therewith, not provided for in other appro- priations, $1,900,000. Village delivery service: For village delivery service in towns and villages having post offices of the second or third class, and in com- munities adjacent to cities having city delivery, $1,675,000. Detroit River service: For Detroit River postal service, $11,460. Carfare and bicycle allowance: For carfare and bicycle allowance, including special-delivery carfare, $1,350,000. City delivery carriers: For pay of letter carriers, City Delivery Service, $139,250,000. Special-delivery fees: For fees to special-delivery messengers, $8 300,000. Domestic Air Mail Service: For the inland transportation of mail by aircraft, as authorized by law, and for the incidental expenses 677 Clerks, division headquarters. Payment of re- wards. Provisos. Death of offender. Rate limitation. Securing informa- tion. Compensation to postmasters. Assistant postmas- ters. Clerks, first- and second-class post offices. Clerks, contract sta- tions. Separating mails. Unusual conditions. Clerks, third-class post offices. Miscellaneous, first- and second-class post offices. Village delivery service. Detroit River serv- ice. Carfare and bicycle allowance. City delivery car- riers. Special-delivery fees. Domestic Air Mai Service. Post, p. 1323 .