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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Act Res. 297 ----- Bridge, Des Moines River. AN ACT To legalize a free highway bridge now being constructed across the Des Moines River, at Levy, Iowa --------------------------------- 41 Acting Secretary of the Navy. JOINT RESOLUTION To authorize the Assistant Secretary of the Navy to continue to serve as Acting Secretary of the Navy until the appointment of a Secretary, and for other purposes --------- 42 Former President Herbert Hoover, portrait. JOINT RESOLU- TION Authorizing the Joint Committee on the Library to procure an oil portrait of former President Herbert Hoover - 298 ----- Federal Firearms Act, amendment. AN ACT To amend the Federal Firearms Act (Public, Numbered 785, seventy-fifth Congress) so as to more adequately define the term "ammu- nition" as said term is defined in said Act ___-- - - -- - --- 299 ----- U. S. Courts, administration. AN ACT To provide for the administration of the United States courts, and for other purposes -------------------------------------- 300 ----- PhilippineIndependence Act, amendments. AN ACT To amend an Act entitled "An Act to provide for the complete inde- pendence of the Philippine Islands, to provide for the adop- tion of a constitution and a form of government for the Philippine Islands, and for other purposes" --------------- 301 ----- Bridge, Connecticut River. AN ACT Granting the consent of Congress to the State of Connecticut, acting by and through any agency or commission thereof, to construct, maintain, and operate a toll bridge across the Connecticut River at or near Hartford, Connecticut --------------------------- 302 ----- Bridge, Columbia River. AN ACT Granting the consent of Congress to the Secretary of the Interior, the State of Wash- ington, and the Great Northern Railway Company to con- struct, maintain, and operate either a combined highway and railroad bridge or two separate bridges across the Columbia River, at or near Kettle Falls, Washington------------- _ 303 ----- Bridge, Mississippi River. AN ACT Authorizing the village of Cassville, Wisconsin, or its assigns, to construct, maintain, and operate a toll bridge across the Mississippi River at or near Cassville, Wisconsin, and to a place at or near the village of Guttenberg, Iowa-------------------------- 304 ----- Montanajudicialdistrict. AN ACT To amend section 92 of the Judicial Code to provide for a term of court at Kalispell, Montana, and subject to the recommendation of the Attorney General of the United States to permit the provision of rooms and accommodations for holding court at Livingston, and Kalispell, Montana ---------------------------------- 305 ----- Nevada, conveyance of lands. AN ACT Authorizing the convey- ance of certain lands to the State of Nevada ----------- 306 ----- Bridge, Bayou La Fourche. AN ACT To legalize a bridge across Bayou La Fourche at Cut Off, Louisiana ---------------- 307 ----- Farm units on public lands. AN ACT Relating to the develop- ment of farm units on public lands under Federal reclamation projects with funds furnished by the Farm Security Adminis- tration --.------------------------------------ 308 ----- Bridge, Missouri River. AN ACT Authorizing the county of Howard, State of Missouri, to construct, maintain, and oper- ate a toll bridge across the Missouri River at or near Peters- burg, Missouri ------------------------------------- 309 ----- Army, construction work. AN ACT To facilitate certain con- struction work for the Army, and for other purposes------ 310 ----- Bridge, St. Georges, Del. AN ACT Authorizing the construction of a highway bridge across the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal at Saint Georges, Delaware- --------------------- 311 ----- Bridge, Ohio River. AN ACT To authorize the construction of a bridge across the Ohio River at or near Mauckport, Harrison County, Indiana ------------------------------- 312 ---- Hawaii, revenue bonds. AN ACT To ratify and confirm act 58 of the Session Laws of Hawaii, 1939, extending the time within which revenue bonds may be issued and delivered under act 174 of the Session Laws of Hawaii, 1935-- ----------------- 313 ---- Virgin Islands. AN ACT To amend section 4 of the Actentitled "An Act to provide a civil government for the Virgin Islands of the United States", approved June 22, 1936 --------- Date XXiii Page Aug. 5, 1939.__ 1221 Aug. 5, 1939___ 1222 Aug. 5,1939_ 1222 Aug. 6,1939___ 1222 Aug. 7, 1939___ 1223 Aug. 7,1939- _ _ 1226 Aug. 7,1939_ -- 1234 Aug. 7,1939___ 1235 Aug. 7 ,1939_- - 1235 Aug. Aug. Aug. 7, 1939_ 7, 1939_ 7, 1939_ 1236 1237 1237 Aug. 7,1939__- 1238 Aug. Aug. 7,1939__- 1238 7,1939__ - 1239 Aug. 7,1939--- 1240 Aug. 7,1939___ 1241 Aug. 7, 1939--- 1242 Aug. 7,1939-_- 1242