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53 STAT.] 76TH CONG., IST SESS.-CH. 119-MAY 10, 1939 California: Hoopa Valley Hospital, $25,000; Soboba Hospital, $25,620; Fort Bidwell Hospital, $25,000; Fort Yuma Hospital, $22,000; Colorado: Ute Mountain Hospital, $15,000; Edward T. Taylor Hospital, $25,000; Idaho: Fort Lapwai Sanatorium, $90,000; Fort Hall Hospitals, $15,900; Iowa: Sac and Fox Sanatorium, $75,000; Minnesota: Pipestone Hospital, $22,500; Cass Lake Hospital, $30,000; Fond du Lac Hospital, $25,000; Red Lake Hospital, $22,500; White Earth Hospital, $22,000; Mississippi: Choctaw Hospital, $25,000; Montana: Blackfeet Hospital, $45,000; Fort Peck Hospital, $26,400; Crow Hospital, $32,000; Fort Belknap Hospital, $30,000; Tongue River Hospital, $28,000; Nebraska: Winnebago Hospital, $47,000; Nevada: Carson Hospital, $27,000; Walker River Hospital, $25,000; Western Shoshone Hospital, $20,000; New Mexico: Albuquerque Sanatorium, $104,660; Jicarilla Hospital and Sanatorium, $62,620; Mescalero Hospital, $23,000; Eastern Navajo Hospital, $55,000; Northern Navajo Hospital, $45,000; Taos Hospital, $20,000; Zufii Hospital, $35,000; Albuquerque Hospital, $50,000; Charles H. Burke Hospital, $30,000; Santa Fe Hospital, $44,000; Toadlena Hospital, $13,000; North Carolina: Cherokee Hospital, $25,000; North Dakota: Turtle Mountain Hospital, $41,600; Fort Berthold Hospital, $18,000; Fort Totten Hospital, $23,000; Standing Rock Hospital, $38,000; Fort Totten Preventorium, $20,000; Oklahoma: Cheyenne and Arapahoe Hospital, $36,000; Choctaw and Chickasaw Sanatorium and General Hospital, $195,000; Shawnee Sanatorium, $100,000; Claremore Hospital, $76,300; Clinton Hospital, $22,000; Pawnee and Ponca Hospital $38,000; Kiowa Hospital, $130,000; William W. Hastings Hospital, $70,000; Oregon: Warm Springs Hospital, $20,000; South Dakota: Crow Creek Hospital, $22,000; Pine Ridge Hos- pitals, $53,000; Rosebud Hospital, $45,000; Yankton Hospital, $23,000; Cheyenne River Hospital, $35,000; Sioux Sanatorium, $140,000; Sisse- ton Hospital, $33,000; Utah: Uintah Hospital, $30,000; Washington: Yakima Sanatorium, $40,000; Tacoma Sanatorium, $225,000; Tulalip Hospital, $12,600; Colville Hospital, $35,000; Wisconsin: Hayward Hospital, $40,600; Tomah Hospital, $32,620: Wyoming: Wind River Hospital, $29,620: Provided, That 10 per centum of the foregoing amounts shall be available interchangeably for expenditures in the various hospitals named, but not more than 10 per centum shall be added to the amount appropriated for any one of said hospitals or for any particular item within any hospital, and any interchange of appropriations hereunder shall be reported to Congress in the annual Budget: Provided further, That nonreservation boarding schools receiving specific appropria- tions shall contribute on a per diem basis for the hospitalization of pupils in hospitals located at such schools and supported from this appropriation: Providedfurther, That in the discretion of the Secre- tary of the Interior and under such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by him, fees may be collected from Indians for medical, hospital, and dental service and any fees so collected shall be covered into the Treasury of the United States. Medical relief in Alaska: To enable the Secretary of the Interior, in his discretion and under his direction through the Bureau of Indian Affairs, with the advice and cooperation of the Public Health Service, 707 California Colorado. Idaho. Iowa. Minnesota. Mississippi. Montana. Nebraska. Nevada. New Mexico. North Carolina. North Dakota. Oklahoma. Oregon. South Dakota. Utah. Washington. Wisconsin. Wyoming. Provisos. Sums interchange- able. Report to Congress. Hospitalization of pupils; basis of con- tribution. Fees for medical, etc., services. Medical relief in Alaska.