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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 149-MAY 25, 1939 Procurement and transportation. Provisos. Use restricted. Determination of. Procurement and maintenance of stores as reserve. Proviso. Use of; reimburse ment. Fuel and transpor- tation. Prorisw. Issue to he charged to applicable appro- priati on . Use of fuel on hand. Surgeons' neces- saries. Civil establishment. Vehicles, etc. demned stores, supplies, or other surplus public property of any kind belonging to the Navy Department and not otherwise reappropriated. STRATEGIC AND CRITICAL MATEBIALS For the procurement and transportation of strategic and critical materials, $500,000, to remain available until expended: Provided, That materials acquired hereunder shall not be issued for current use in time of peace without the approval of the Secretary of the Navy, except that materials acquired under this title may be issued for current use when replaced by materials purchased from current appropriations: Provided further, That for the purposes of this paragraph, the Secretary of the Navy shall determine what materials are strategic and critical. RESERVE MATERIAL, NAVY For procuring and maintaining stores of materials (except ord- nance materials) as a reserve for use in the national defense in time of war or when, in the opinion of the President, a national emergency exists, to be immediately available and to continue available until expended, $7502374: Provided,however, That materials purchased with funds appropriated by this paragraph shall be used for current naval purposes whenever a demand exists therefor in order to avoid deterioration or obsolescence, and when so used the cost thereof shall be reimbursed to this appropriation from applicable naval appropriations. FUEL AND TRANSPORTATION, NAVY For coal and other fuel for submarine bases and steamers' and ships' use, including expenses of transportation, storage, and han- dling the same and the removal of fuel refuse from ships; main- tenance and general operation of machinery of naval fuel depots and fuel plants; water for all purposes on board naval vessels, and ice for the cooling of water, including the expense of transportation and storage of both, $8,401,075, of which $1,000,000 shall be immedi- ately available: Provided,That fuel acquired other than by purchase shall not be issued without charging the applicable appropriation with the cost of such fuel at the rate current at the time of issue for fuel purchased: Provided further, That the President may direct the use, wholly or in part, of fuel on hand, however acquired to be charged at the last issue rate for fuel acquired by purchase, when, in his judgment, prices quoted for supplying fuel are excessive. BUREAU OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY MEDICAL DEPARTMENT For surgeons' necessaries for vessels in commission, navy yards, naval stations, and Marine Corps; and for the civil establishment at the several naval hospitals, navy yards naval medical supply depots, Naval Medical Center, Naval Medical School, and Naval Dispensary, Washington, and Naval Academy; for tolls and ferriages; purchase of books and stationery; hygienic and sanitary investigation and illustration sanitary, hygienic, administrative, and special instruc- tion, including the issuing of naval medical bulletins and supple- ments; purchase and repairs of non-passenger-carrying wagons, automobile ambulances, and harness; purchase of and feed for horses and cows; maintenance, repair, and operation of three passenger- carrying motor vehicles for Naval Dispensary, Washington, District 770 [53 STAT.