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53 STAT.] 76TH CONG., 1ST SESS.-CH. 149-MAY 25, 1939 777 to recruits upon their first enlistment and other incidental expenses of the recruiting service; and for transportation for dependents of Dependents. officers and enlisted men, $340,000; For repairs and improvements to barracks, quarters, and other pub- Repairs, etc., to lic buildings at posts and stations; for the renting, leasing, and im- etc. provement of buildings in the District of Columbia, and at such other places as the public exigencies require, and the erection of temporary buildings upon the approval of the Secretary of the Navy at a total cost of not to exceed $10.000 during the year, $690,000; For forage and stabling of public animals and the authorized Forage, etc. number of officers' horses, $16,000; For miscellaneous supplies, material, equipment, personal and other Miscellaneous sup- services, and for other incidental expenses for the Marine Corps not otherwise provided for; purchase, repair, and exchange of typewriters and calculating machines; purchase and repair of furniture and fix- tures; repair of motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles; and Vehicles, etc. purchase, exchange, and repair of horse-drawn passenger-carrying and other vehicles, including parts; veterinary services and medi- Horses, etc. cines for public animals and the authorized number of officers' horses; purchase of mounts and horse equipment for all officers below the grade of major required to be mounted; shoeing for public animals and the authorized number of officers' horses; books, newspapers, and periodicals; printing and binding; packing and crating of officers' nPrinting and bind- allowance of baggage; funeral expenses of officers and enlisted men Funeral expenses. and accepted applicants for enlistment and retired officers on active duty, including the transportation of their bodies, arms, and wearing apparel from the place of demise to the homes of the deceased in the United States; construction, operation, and maintenance of laundries; Laundries. care and operation of schools at Marine Barracks, Quantico, Virginia, and Parris Island, South Carolina; and for all emergencies and extraordinary expenses, $2,212,000: Provided, That there may be Purchaseofvehicles. expended out of this appropriation (including the exchange value of any vehicle that may be used as part payment) for the purchase of motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles, the gross cost of any one vehicle not to be in excess of the respective amounts as follows: Eight at $750 each; and five motorcycles at $425 each; Marine Corps Reserve: For clothing, including clothing for avia- l"'arii (Cr,,sl'r- tion cadets, subsistence, heat, light, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses, $300,000; Expenses, Marine Band, United Confederate Veterans' Reunion, Marfine B'hadi, Trinidad, Colorado, and National Encampment, Grand Army of the designated nletings. Republic, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: For expenses of the United States Marine Band in attending the United Confederate Veterans' 1939 Reunion at Trinidad, Colorado, August 22 to 25, 1939, and in attending the National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, August 27 to September 1, 1939, as authorized by the Acts approved April 20, 1939, and April 24, Ant, pp . 582 , 59. 1939, $13,000; In all, $9,232,255, to be accounted for as one fund: Provided, That. Pcoutng the sum to be paid out of this appropriation for employees assigned Group iv (b) em- to group IV (b) and those performing similar services carried under poy ee s native and alien schedules in the Schedule of Wages for Civil Employees in the Field Service of the Navy Department shall not exceed $115,000. ALTERATION TO NAVAL VESSELS Toward the alterations and repairs required for the purpose of U.S .S ."Lexington" and "Saratoga", al- modernizing the United States ships Lexington and Saratoga, terations and repairs. authorized by the Act entitled "An Act to authorize alterations and P- P 13- repairs to certain naval vessels, and for other purposes", approved