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53 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , IST SESS.-CH. 246-JUNE 28, 1939 exchange of typewriting, adding, and other machines; purchase or exchange, maintenance, repair, and operation of motor-propelled and horse-drawn passenger-carrying vehicles; claims for damages to vessels passing through the locks of the Panama Canal, as authorized by the Panama Canal Act; claims for losses of or damages to prop- erty arising from the conduct of authorized business operations; claims for damages to property arising from the maintenance and operation, sanitation, and civil government of the Panama Canal; acquisition of land and land under water, as authorized in the Panama Canal Act; expenses incurred in assembling, assorting, stor- ing, repairing, and selling material, machinery, and equipment here- tofore or hereafter purchased or acquired for the construction of the Panama Canal which are unserviceable or no longer needed, to be reimbursed from the proceeds of such sale; expenses incident to con- ducting hearings and examining estimates for appropriations on the Isthmus; expenses incident to any emergency arising because of calam- ity by flood, fire, pestilence, or like character not foreseen or other- wise provided for herein; traveling expenses, when prescribed by the Governor of the Panama Canal to persons engaged in field work or traveling on official business; not to exceed $2,000 for travel and subsistence expenses of members of the police and fire forces of the Panama Canal incident to their special training in the United States; transportation, including insurance, of public funds and securities between the United States and the Canal Zone; purchase, construc- tion, repair, replacement, alteration, or enlargement of buildings, structures, equipment, and other improvements; and for such other expenses not in the United States as the Governor of the Panama Canal may deem necessary best to promote the maintenance and operation, sanitation, and civil government of the Panama Canal, all to be expended under the direction of the Governor of the Panama Canal and accounted for as follows: For maintenance and operation of the Panama Canal: Salary of the Governor, $10,000; contingencies of the Governor, to be expended in his discretion, not exceeding $3,000; purchase, inspection, delivery, handling, and storing of materials, supplies, and equipment for issue to all departments of the Panama Canal, the Panama Railroad, other branches of the United States Government, and for authorized sales; payment in lump sums of not exceeding the amounts authorized b the Injury Compensation Act approved September 7, 1916 (5 U. S. C. 793), to alien cripples who are now a charge upon the Panama Canal by reason of injuries sustained while employed in the construction of the Panama Canal; and relief payments authorized by the Act approved July 8, 1937 (50 Stat. 478); in all, $22,632,087 together with all moneys arising from the conduct of business operations authorized by the Panama Canal Act. Of such sum of $22,632,087, $14,200,000 shall be immediately available; and in addition the Gov- ernor of the Panama Canal, when authorized by the Secretary of War, may enter into contracts prior to July 1, 1940, for the same objects embraced by such appropriation to an amount not in excess of $2,300,000, and his action in so doing shall be deemed a contractual obligation of the Federal Government for the payment of the cost thereof. For sanitation, quarantine, hospitals, and medical aid and support of the insane and of lepers and aid and support of indigent persons legally within the Canal Zone, including expenses of their deporta- tion when practicable, the purchase of artificial limbs or other appli- ances for persons who were injured in the service of the Isthmian Canal Commission or the Panama Canal prior to September 7, 1916, additional compensation to any officer of the United States Public Health Service detailed with the Panama Canal as chief quarantine 861 Vehicles. Damage claims. Emergencies. Public funds and securities, transporta- tion and insurance. Maintenance and operation. (tovernor's salary. Supplies, equip- ment, etc. Payment to alien cripples. 39 Stat. 75). 5U. .C. § 793. Relief payments. 50 Stat. 478. 48 U. S. C., Supp. IV, §1372. Contracts author- ized. Sanitation, etc. Support of insane and lepers, etc. Deportation ex- penses. Chief quarantine officer.