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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 252-JUNE 30, 1939 Sewer systems, tive associations; sewer systems, water supply, and purification sys- water supply, air- ports, foodPcontrol, tems; airports and other transportation facilities; flood control; conservation, etc. drainage; irrigation; conservation, including projects sponsored by conservation districts and other bodies duly organized under State law for soil erosion control and conservation, preference being given to projects which will contribute to the rehabilitation of individuals Insect, plant, d and an increase in the national income; eradication of insect, plant, fungus pest eradica- tion. and fungus pests; the production of lime and marl for fertilizing tio e, et. , produc- soil for distribution to farmers under such conditions as may be determined by the sponsors of such projects under the provisions of Educational, etc., State law; educational, professional, clerical, cultural, recreational, projects. production, and service projects, including training for domestic service; aid to self-help and cooperative associations for the benefit proViso. of needy persons; and miscellaneous projects: Provided, however, plon en. That all persons employed on work projects shall, so far as practi- cable, be employed on projects nearest their respective homes. Limitation on use (C) The funds appropriated in this section, exclusive of those of funds for other than . labor costs. used for administrative expenses, shall be so administered that expenditure authorizations for other than labor costs for all the work projects financed from such funds in any State, Territory, possession, or the District of Columbia shall not exceed an average for the fiscal year ending June 30,1940, of $6 per month per worker, except that the Commissioner of Work Projects (hereinafter referred Increases allowed. to as the "Commissioner") may authorize an increase in the average in cases where the increased cost of materials would have the effect of raising such average above $6 but in no event shall the increase in such average exceed the amount necessary to meet such increase in material costs and in no event shall such average exceed $7: Restrction on pur- Provided, That the funds appropriated in this section shall not be chase of construction used for the purchase of any construction equipment or machinery equipment, et. in any case in which such equipment or machinery can be rented at prices determined by the Commissioner to be reasonable, and his determinations, made in conformity with rules and regulations pre- scribed by him, shall be final and conclusive. ect; allocation ofe- (d) On and after January 1, 1940, in administering the funds penses. appropriated in this section, not to exceed three-fourths of the total cost of all non-Federal projects thereafter approved to be under- taken within any State, Territory, possession, or the District of Columbia, with respect to which any such funds are used, shall be borne by the United States, and not less than one-fourth of such total cost shall be borne by the State and its political subdivisions, or by the Territory, possession, or the District of Columbia, as the case may be. The facts constituting compliance with the requirements of this subsection shall be determined by the Commissioner, and his determinations, made in conformity with rules and regulations pre- scribed by him, shall be final and conclusive. work Projects Ad- (e) The amount which may be obligated for administrative ministration, admin- istrativeexpenses. expenses of the Work Projects Administration in the District of Columbia and in the field shall not exceed in the aggregate the sum of $50,000,000 during the fiscal year 1940, of which sum the amounts so to be obligated for the following respective purposes shall not exceed these sums: Salaries, $42,500,000; communication service, $600,000; travel, $4,200,000; and printing and binding, $500,000. sOnnemetets to r The Commissioner shall transmit to Congress, on the first day of gress. each regular session thereof, a statement showing for each State the names, addresses, positions, and compensation of all employees of the Work Projects Administration whose compensation is at the rate of $1,200 per annum or more. For the purposes of this paragraph, the term "State" shall include the Territories, possessions, and the District of Columbia. [53 STAT.