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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 253 -JUNE 30, 1939 Publication of re- suits. Soil survey. Sugar-plant investi- gations. Tobacco investiga- tions. Personal services. Vehicles. any such samples are found to be impure, nonviable, or misbranded, the results of the tests may be published, together with the names of the manufacturers and of the persons by whom the cultures were offered for sale, $39,854. Soil survey: For the investigation of soils and their origin, for survey of the extent of classes and types, and for indicating upon maps and plats, by coloring or otherwise, the results of such investi- gations and surveys, $298,708. Sugar-plant investigations: For sugar-plant investigations, includ- ing studies of diseases and the improvement of sugar beets and sugar- beet seed, $330,000. Tobacco investigations: For the investigation and improvement of tobacco and the methods of tobacco production and handling, $135,544. Total, salaries and expenses, Bureau of Plant Industry, $5,183,009, of which amount not to exceed $1,761,950 may be expended for depart- mental personal services in the District of Columbia and not to exceed $25,325 shall be available for the purchase of motor-propelled and horse-drawn passenger-carrying vehicles necessary in the con- duct of field work outside the District of Columbia. FOREST SERVICE SALARIES AND EXPENSES ves entsandln For the employment of persons and means in the District of Colum- bia and elsewhere to enable the Secretary of Agriculture to experi- ment and to make and continue investigations and report on forestry, Restricted to nited national forests, forest fires, and lumbering, but no part of this appro- ate. priation shall be used for any experiment or test made outside the jurisdiction of the United States; to advise the owners of woodlands as to the proper care of the same; to investigate and test American timber and timber trees and their uses, and methods for the preserv- ative treatment of timber; to seek, through investigations and the planting of native and foreign species, suitable trees for the treeless Provisos. regions; to erect necessary buildings: Provided, That the cost of any Cost of buildings. building purchased, erected, or as improved, exclusive of the cost of constructing a water-supply or sanitary system and of connecting the same with any such building, and exclusive of the cost of any tower upon which a lookout house may be erected, shall not exceed $7,500, with the exception that any building erected, purchased, or acquired, the cost of which was $7,500 or more, may be improved out of the appropriations made under this Act for the Forest Service by an amount not to exceed 2 per centum of the cost of such building as Protection, etc., of certified by the Secretary of Agriculture; to protect, administer, and improve the national forests, including tree planting and other meas- ures to prevent erosion, drift, surface wash, soil waste, and the for- mation of floods, and to conserve water and including the payment of rewards under regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture for information leading to the arrest and conviction for violation of the laws and regulations relating to fires in or near national forests, or for the unlawful taking of, or injury to, Government property; to ascertain the natural conditions upon and utilize the national forests, gaCre of fsh and to transport and care for fish and game supplied to stock the national forests or the waters therein; to collate, digest, report, and illustrate the results of experiments and investigations made by the Forest Serv- ice; to purchase law books, reference and technical books, and technical journals for officers of the Forest Service stationed outside of Wash- Suppliesete. mgton, and for medical supplies and services and other assistance necessary for the immediate relief of artisans, laborers, and other [53 STAT.