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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 253-JUNE 30, 1939 Availability of funds for purchase, etc. Provisos. Limitation on use. Interchangeability. Maintenance, etc. Exchanges. Vehicles for use in D.C . Short title. Farm Credit Ad- ministration Appro- priation Act of 1940. Salaries and ex- penses. Printing and bind- ing. Contingent expen- ses. Supplies and serv. ices. R. S. 3709. 41 U. S.C. Vehicles. other products, within the scope of the functions of the Department of Agriculture and which that Department is unable to perform within the limits of its appropriations, may, with the approval of the Secretary of Agriculture transfer to the Department of Agricul- ture for direct expenditure such sums as may be necessary for the performance of such work. PASSENGER-CARRYING VEHICLES Within the limitations specified under the several headings the lump-sum appropriations herein made for the Department of Agri- culture shall be available for the purchase of motor-propelled and horse-drawn passenger-carrying vehicles necessary in the conduct of the field work of the Department of Agriculture outside the District of Columbia: Provided, That such vehicles shall be used only for official service outside the District of Columbia, but this shall not prevent the continued use for official service of motortrucks in the District of Columbia: Provided further, That the limitation on expenditures for purchase of passenger-carrying vehicles in the field service shall be interchangeable between the various bureaus and offices of the Department, to such extent as the exigencies of the service may require: Provided further, That appropriations con- tained in this Act shall be available for the maintenance, operation, and repair of motor-propelled and horse-drawn passenger-carrying vehicles: Provided further, That the Secretary of Agriculture may exchange motor-propelled and horse-drawn vehicles, tractors, road equipment, and boats, and parts, accessories, tires, or equipment thereof, in whole or in part payment for vehicles, tractors, road equip- ment or boats, or parts, accessories, tires, or equipment of such vehicles, tractors, road equipment, or boats purchased by him: Pro- vided further, That the funds available to the Agricultural Adjust- ment Administration may be used during the fiscal year for which appropriations are herein made for the maintenance, repair, and operation of one passenger-carrying vehicle for official purposes in the District of Columbia. This title may be cited as the "Department of Agriculture Appro- priation Act, 1940". TITLE II-FARM CREDIT ADMINISTRATION SALARIES AND EXPENSES For salaries and expenses of the Farm Credit Administration in the District of Columbia and the field; traveling expenses of officers and employees including not to exceed $5,000 for travel incurred under proper authority attending meetings or conventions of members of organizations at which matters of importance to the work of the Farm Credit Administration are to be discussed or transacted; printing and binding; contingent and miscellaneous expenses, including law books, books of reference, and not to exceed $1,000 for periodicals, news- papers, and maps; contract stenographic reporting services, and expert services for the preparation of amortization tables; library membership fees or dues in organizations which issue publications to members only or to members at a lower price than to others, payment for which may be made in advance; purchase of manuscripts, data, and special reports by personal service without regard to the pro- visions of any other Act; procurement of supplies and services with- out regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (41 U. S . C . 5) when the aggregate amount involved does not exceed $50; purchase (including one at not to exceed $1,500), exchange, maintenance, repair, 978 [53 STAT.