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53 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 281 -JULY 15, 1939 expenses, equipment, supplies, and lighting fixtures, $255,320: Pro- vided, That the activities provided for under this appropriation shall be operated under the joint control, supervision, and direction of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia and the Board of Education. For the maintenance and contingent expenses of keeping open during the summer months the public-school playgrounds; for special and temporary services, directors, assistants, and janitor serv- ice during the summer vacation, and, in the larger yards, daily after school hours during the school term, $25,000. For the purchase, installation, and maintenance of equipment for school yards for the purposes of play of pupils, $7,000: Provided, That such playgrounds shall be kept open for play purposes in accordance with the schedule heretofore maintained for playgrounds while under the jurisdiction of the playground department. CARE OF BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS For personal services, including care of portable buildings at a rate not to exceed $96 per annum for the care of each building, $968,725. MISCELLANEOUS For the maintenance of schools for tubercular and crippled pupils, $7,750. For transportation for pupils attending schools for tubercular pupils, sight-conservation pupils, and crippled pupils, $23,200: Pro- vided, That expenditures for streetcar and bus fares from this fund shall not be subject to the general limitations on the use of streetcar and bus fares covered by this Act. For purchase and repair of furniture, tools, machinery, material, and books, and apparatus to be used in connection with instruction in manual and vocational training, and incidental expenses connected therewith, $70,400, to be immediately available. For fuel, gas, and electric light and power, $312,500: Provided, That this appropriation shall be so apportioned and distributed over the fiscal year ending June 30, 1940, and shall be so administered, during such fiscal year, as to constitute the total amount that will be utilized during such fiscal year for such purposes. For contingent expenses, including United States flags, furniture and repairs of same, stationery, ice, paper towels, and other necessary items not otherwise provided for, and including not exceeding $8,000 for books of reference and periodicals, not exceeding $1,500 for replacement of pianos at an average cost of not to exceed $300 each, and not exceeding $6,800 for labor; in all, $150,000, to be immediately available, of which not to exceed $2,100 may be expended for tabulat- ing school census cards either by contract or by day labor as the Commissioners may determine: Provided, That a bond shall not be required on account of military supplies or equipment issued by the War Department for military instruction and practice by the students of high schools in the District of Columbia. For the purchase of furniture and equipment to replace worn-out furniture and equipment at Central High School, $2,076, McKinley High School, $3,824, and Armstrong High School, $3,824; in all, $9,724. For completely furnishing and equipping buildings and additions to buildings, as follows: Eastern High School; Deal Junior High School; Anacostia Junior-Senior High School Stadium; Banneker 1015 Proviso. Operation of activi- ties. Public-school play- grounds during sum- mer. Equipment. Proviso. Playground sched. ule. Personal services. Schoolsfortubercular and crippled pupils. Transportation. Proviso. Streetcar, etc., fares. Manual, etc., train- ing. Fuel, light, and power. Proeiso. A pportionment pro- visions. Contingent ex- penses. Proiso. Military supplies issued to cadets; bond not required. Replacement of worn-out equipment, designated buildings. Equipment for des- ignated buildings.