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1030 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 281-JULY 15, 1939 [53 STAT. tary of War at a cost not exceeding $45 for such burial expenses in each case, exclusive of cost of grave, $270. TRANSPORTATION OF NONRESIDENT AND INDIGENT PERSONS Expenses. For transportation of indigent nonresident persons to their legal residence or to the home of a relative or relatives, including mainte- nance pending transportation, and transportation of other indigent persons, including indigent veterans of the World War and their families, $20,000, of which amount not to exceed $7,100 shall be avail- able for personal services. VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION Expenses. Vocational rehabilitation of disabled residents, District of Colum- bia: To carry out the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to pro- vide for the vocational rehabilitation of disabled residents of the Dis- 45 tat. 120. trict of Columbia, and for other purposes", approved February 23, 1929, $25,000. MILITIA Expenses author- ized, under command- For the following, to be expended under the authority and direction ing general. of the commanding general, who is hereby authorized and empowered to make necessary contracts and leases, namely: Perlseices. For personal services, $27,600, including compensation to the com- manding general at the rate of $3,600 per annum; temporary labor, camps etc. $5,800; for expenses of camps, including hire of horses for officers required to be mounted, and for the payment of commutation of sub- sistence for enlisted men who may be detailed to guard or move the United States pates property at home stations on days immediately pre- ceding and immediately following the annual encampments; damages to private property incident to encampment; reim- bursement to the United States for loss of property for which the District of Columbia may be held responsible; cleaning and repairing uniforms, arms, and equipment; instruction, purchase, and mainte- nance of athletic, gymnastic, and recreational equipment at armory or field encampments, not to exceed $500; practice marches, drills, and parades; rent of armories, drill halls, and storehouses; fuel, light, heat, care, and repair of armories, offices, and storehouses; machinery and dock, including dredging alongside of dock; construction of buildings for storage and other purposes at target range; telephone service; printing, stationery, and postage; horses and mules for mounted organizations; maintenance and operation of passenger and non- passenger-carrying motor vehicles; streetcar fares (not to exceed $200) necessarily used in the transaction of official business; not exceeding $400 for traveling expenses, including attendance at meet- ings or conventions of associations pertaining to the National Guard; roo. and for general incidental expenses of the service, $15,480; in all, Dented extra $48,880: Provided, That so much of the Act of March 1, 1889 (25 pey legislation re- Stat. 773), as amended by the Act of February 18, 1909 (35 Stat. 629), pealed. 25 Stat.780;35 Stat. as provides and fixes the rates of extra compensation to members of 35. the regularly enlisted bands of the Militia of the District of Columbia, is hereby repealed. tinory. construc- For beginning construction of an armory for the Militia of the District of Columbia on all or any of squares 1121. 1122, 1128, 1129, 1135, and 1136, as may be determined by the Commissioners of said District, $350,000, together with an additional sum of not to exceed $150,000 which is hereby reappropriated from the unexpended balance of the appropriation of $500,000 contained in the District of Colum- 2 Stat. 3. bi Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1939 for beginning the con-