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53STAT.] 76TH CONG., 1sT SESS.- CH. 633 -AUG. 9, 1939 DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY Division of Grazing: The limitation of $62,700 on the amount that may be expended for personal services in the District of Columbia from the appropriation for salaries and expenses, Division of Graz- ing, contained in the Interior Department Appropriation Act, 1940, is hereby increased to $83,300. PETROLEUM CONSERVATION DIVISION Salaries and expenses, oil regulation and enforcement: For admin- istering and enforcing the provisions of the Act approved February 22, 1935 (49 Stat. 30), entitled "An Act to regulate interstate and foreign commerce in petroleum and its products by prohibiting the shipment in such commerce of petroleum and its products produced in violation of State law, and for other purposes'", as amended, and to include necessary personal services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere without regard to the civil-service laws and regula- tions, traveling expenses, contract stenographic reporting services, rent, stationery, and office supplies, not to exceed $500 for necessary expenses of attendance at meetings and conferences concerned with the work of petroleum conservation when authorized by the Secre- tary of the Interior, not to exceed $2,500 for printing and binding, not to exceed $100 for books and periodicals, and not to exceed $14,000 for the purchase, exchange, hire, maintenance, operation, and repair of motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles, $210,000. PRINTING AND BINDING Printing and binding, Department of the Interior: Funds available for printing and binding for the Department of the Interior for the fiscal year 1940 shall be available for the publication for issuance in accordance with past practice of bulletins containing matter such as disseminated by the Bureau of Biological Survey through the medium of Farmers Bulletins prior to the transfer of such Bureau and its functions to the Department of the Interior. GENERAL LAND (FFICE Payment of proceeds of sales of Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands and timber: For an additional amount for payment of 25 per centum of the balance of the proceeds from sales of the Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands and timber within each of the counties of Coos and Douglas, Oregon, after deducting the accrued taxes in said counties and a sum equal to $2.50 per acre for the land title to which revested in the United States pursuant to the Act of February 26, 1919 (40 Stat. 1179), to be paid to the treasurer of the county for common schools, roads, highways, bridges, and port districts, fiscal year 1939, $12,771.12: Provided, That expenditures hereunder shall not exceed the aggregate receipts covered into the Treasury in accordance with section 4 of the Permanent Appropriation Repeal Act, 1934. Payment to Oklahoma from royalties, oil and gas, south half of Red River: For an additional amount for payment of 371/2 per centum of the royalties derived from the south half of Red River in Oklahoma under the provisions of the Act of March 4, 1923 (30 U. S . C . 233), which shall be paid to the State of Oklahoma in lieu of all State and local taxes upon tribal funds accruing under said 1313 Division of Grazing. Personal services. Ante, p. 687. Salaries and ex- -penses, oil regulation and enforcement. Ante, p. 687 . 49 Stat. 30; ante, p. 927. 15 U. S. C., Supp. IV, §§ 715-7151 . Attendance at meet- ings. Printing and bind- ing. Motor vehicles. Publication ofbulle- tins. Ante, p. 688. Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands, etc. Payment of pro- ceeds of sales of. 40 Stat. 1179. Proriso. Expenditures lim- ited. 48 Stat. 1227. 31U.S .C . 725c. Oklahoma. Payment to, from royalties, south half of Red River. 42 Stat. 1448. 30U.S.C. 233. In lieu of State, etc., taxes.