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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 633-AUG. 9 , 1939 Personal services. Proviso. Minor purchases. R. S. §3709. 41U. S.C. 5. Hot Springs Nation- al Park, Ark. Extension of bound- aries. Post, p. 1342. 49 Stat. 1516 . 16 U. S. C., Supp. IV, § 361c. Kennesaw Moun- tain National Memo- rial Military Park. Ante, p. 1274. National military parks, battlefields, etc. Kings Mountain National Military Park, S. C. Construction of buildings, etc. passenger-carrying vehicles for official use in field work and in trans- porting employees between their homes and temporary locations where they may be employed; purchase of goggles, gloves, rubber boots, miners' hats, aprons, and such other articles of personal wear- ing apparel or equipment as may be required for the protection of employees while engaged in their work; the construction, mainte- nance, and repair of necessary camp buildings and mining struc- tures and appurtenances thereto; and including not to exceed $15,000 for personal services in the District of Columbia; fiscal year 1940, $350,000: Provided, That section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (41 U. S . C. 5) shall not be construed to apply to any purchase or service rendered when the amount involved does not exceed the sum of $500. NATIONAL PARK SERVICE Hot Springs National Park: For an additional amount to carry out the purposes of the Act of June 15, 1936, as amended (relating to the extension of the boundaries of the Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas), fiscal year 1940, $8,000. Kennesaw Mountain National Memorial Military Park: For the acquisition of additional lands for the Kennesaw Mountain National Memorial Military Park as authorized by the Act entitled "An Act to amend the Act approved June 26, 1935, entitled 'An Act to create a National Memorial Military Park at and in the vicinity of Kennesaw Mountain in the State of Georgia, and for other purposes'", approved August , 1939, fiscal year 1940, $55,000. National military parks, battlefields, monuments, and cemeteries: For an additional amount for national military parks, monuments, and cemeteries for the construction of an administration-museum building in the Kings Mountain National Military Park in South Carolina including the purchase of furniture and museum cases, the preparation of exhibits for installation therein, and the construction of other necessary administration buildings or residences, fiscal year 1940, $40,000. GOVERNMENT IN THE TERRITORIES A laska. Legislative ex- Legislative expenses, Territory of Alaska: For an additional penses. amount for legislative expenses for the fiscal year 1939, including printing, indexing, comparing proofs, and binding laws, printing, indexing and binding journals, stationery, supplies, printing of bills, reports, and so forth, to be expended under the direction of the Governor of Alaska, $4,652.21 . Care, etc., of nsane. Insane of Alaska: For an additional amount for the care and custody of persons legally adjudged insane in Alaska, including the same objects and for the same services specified in the Interior 52 Stat. 338. Department Appropriation Act, 1939, fiscal year 1939, $3,500. vDeicits o"fmunici- Defraying deficits in treasuries of municipal governments, Virgin pal governments. Islands: For an additional amount for defraying the deficits in the treasuries of the municipal governments because of the excess of current expenses over current revenues for the fiscal year 1940, Ante, p. 736. municipality of Saint Thomas and Saint John, $15,000, and munici- pality of Saint Croix, $20,000, in all, $35,000, to be paid to the said treasuries in monthly installments. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE EDERAL BUBEIAU OF INVESTIGATION Claims for damages. Claims for damages: For the payment of claims for damages to any person or damages to or loss of privately owned property caused [53 STAT.