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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 637-AUG. 10 , 1939 Extension of Fed- eral aid for construc- tion, out of State allot- ments. 39 Stat. 355; 42 Stat. 212. 23U.S. C. chs.1,2; Supp. IV, chs. 1, 2. Memphis and Ar- kansas Bridge Com- mission created; pow- ers. Membership of Commission. Vacancies. Secretary and other employees. Payment of salaries and expenses. Dissolution of Com- mission. SEC. 4 . Notwithstanding any restriction or limitation imposed by the Act entitled "An Act to provide that the United States shall aid the States in the construction of rural post roads, and for other purposes", approved July 11, 1916, or by the Federal Highway Act, or by an Act amendatory of, or supplemental to either thereof, the Secretary of Agriculture, or any other Federal department or agency of the United States Government, may extend Federal aid under such Acts for the construction of said bridge out of any money allo- cated to the State of Tennessee with the consent of the State highway commission of said State, and out of money allocated to the State of Arkansas with the consent of the highway department of said State. SEC. 5. For the purpose of carrying into effect the objects stated in this Act, there is hereby created the Memphis and Arkansas Bridge Commission, and by that name, style, and title said body shall have perpetual succession, may contract, and be contracted with, sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, complain and defend in all courts of law and equity; may make and have a common seal; may purchase or otherwise acquire and hold or dispose of real estate and other property; may accept and receive donations, grants, or gifts of money or property and apply the same to the purposes of this Act; and shall have and possess all powers necessary, convenient, or proper for carrying into effect the objects stated in this Act. The Commission shall consist of E. H. Crump, Senior, E. W . Hale, Senior, Clifford Davis, Frank R. Ahlgren, W. H. Jasspon, William B. Fowler, Frank Gailor, and Will Gerber all residents and citizens of the State of Tennessee; and J. O. E. Beck, Senior, J. C . Johnson, J. Land Williams, W. W. Campbell, C. R. Walton, A. C . Oliver, J. L. Shaver, and James Crane, all residents and citizens of the State of Arkansas. Such Commission shall be a body corporate and politic. Each member of the Commission shall qualify within thirty days after his appointment by filing in the office of the Administrator of the Federal Works Agency an oath that he will faithfully perform the duties imposed upon him by this Act, and each person appointed to fill a vacancy shall file in like manner within thirty days after his appointment. Any vacancy occurring in said Commission by reason of failure to qualify as above provided, or by reason of death or resignation, shall be filled by the Administrator of the Federal Works Agency, and in filling such vacancy the Administrator of the Federal Works Agency shall at all times make the appointment so that the respective States shall at all times have the same representa- tion on said Commission as herein provided. The Commission shall elect a chairman and vice chairman from its members, and shall establish rules and regulations for the government of its own business. A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum for the transac- tion of business. The Commission may employ a secretary, treasurer, engineers, attorneys, and such other experts, assistants, and employees as they may deem necessary, who shall be entitled to receive such compensation as the Commission may determine. All salaries and expenses shall be paid solely from the funds provided under the authority of this Act. SEC. 6 . Within six months after completion of the bridge, the Com- mission shall be dissolved and shall cease to have further existence by an order of the Commissioner of the Public Roads Administra- tion, made upon his own initiative or upon application of the Com- mission or any member or members thereof, but only after a public hearing in the city of Memphis, Tennessee, notice of time and place of which hearing and the purpose thereof shall have been published once, at least thirty days before the date hereof, in a newspaper published in the cities of Memphis, Tennessee, and Little Rock, 1340 [53 STAT.