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56 STAT.] INTER-AMERICAN-EUROPEAN COLONIES-JULY 30,1940 have the unquestionable right, in order to preserve their unity and security, to take such regions under their administration and to deliberate as to their destinies, in accordance with their respective degrees of political and economic development; Ten. That the provisional and transitory character of the measures agreed to does not imply an oversight or abrogation of the principle of non-intervention which regulates inter-American life, a principle pro- claimed by the American Institute, recognized by the meeting of jurists held at Rio de Janeiro and fully reaffirmed at the Seventh International American Conference held at Montevideo; Eleven. That this community has therefore international juridical capacity to act in this manner; Twelve. That in this case, the most appropriate regime is that of a provisional administration; and that this system entails no danger because the American Republics do not entertain any purpose whatso- ever of territorial aggrandizement; Thirteen. That the establishment of a special provisional regime in the present convention and in the Act of Habana concerning the provisional administration of European colonies and possessions in the Americas does not eliminate or modify the system of consultation agreed upon at Buenos Aires, confirmed at Lima, and practiced at Panama and Habana. Fourteen. Being desirous of protecting their peace and safety and of promoting the interests of any of the regions herein referred to which may fall within the purview of the foregoing recitations, have resolved to conclude the following convention: I If a non-American State shall directly or indirectly attempt to re- place another non-American State in the sovereignty or control which it exercised over any territory located in the Americas, thus threatening the peace of the continent, such territory shall automati- cally come under the provisions of this convention and shall be sub- mitted to a provisional administrative regime. II The administration shall be exercised, as may be considered advis- able in each case, by one or more American States, with their previous approval. III When the administration shall have been established for any region it shall be exercised in the interest of the security of the Americas and for the benefit of the region under administration, with a view to its welfare and progress, until such time as the region is in a position to govern itself or is restored to its former status, whenever the latter is compatible with the security of the American Republics. 1275 54 Stat. 2401. Replacement of con- trol by non-American state. Ad.minitration. Duration of provi- sonal administration.