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TREATIES adopted which will permit, in so far as the respective governments may see fit, a rational utilization of migratory birds for the purpose of sports as well as for food, com- merce, and industry, and for scientific study and investigation. ran medidas que permitan, hasta donde los respectivos gobiernos lo crean conveniente, utilizar ra- cionalmente las aves migratorias, tanto en el deporte como en la alimentaci6n, el comercio, la in- dustria y para estudios e investi- gaciones cientificos. Protection of desig- nated species. Control of commerce in protected fauna or flora. ARTICLE VIII The protection of the species mentioned in the Annex to the present Covention, [1] is declared to be of special urgency and im- portance. Species included there- in shall be protected as com- pletely as possible, and thier hunting, killing, capturing, or taking, shall be allowed only with the permission of the appropriate government authorities in the country. Such permission shall be granted only under special circumstances, in order to further scientific purposes, or when essen- tial for the administration of the area in which the animal or plant is found. ARTICLE IX Each Contacting Government shall take the necessary measures to control and regulate the impor- tation, exportation and transit of protected fauna or flora or any part thereof by the following means: 1. The issuing of certificates authorizing the exportation or transit of protected species of flora or fauna, or parts thereof. I[The Annex comprises the lists of species transmitted by interested Govern- ments to the Pan American Union, Washington, D. C ., depository for the Con- vention. These lists are printed in Treaty Series 981, pages 27-77 . It is understood by this Government that such lists are to be considered as flexible rather than permanent in character and may from time to time be altered by the respective Governments by the addition or removal of such species from their several lists as changes and conditions may seem to them to warrant.] ARTfCULO VIII La protecci6n de las especies mencionadas en el Anexo a esta Convenci6n es de urgencia e im- portancia especial. Las especies allf inclufdas seran protegidas tanto como sea posible y s61o las autori- dades competentes del pals podran autorizar la caza, matanza, captura o recolecci6n de ejemplares de dichas especies. Estos permisos podran concederse solamente en circunstancias especiales cuando sean necesarios para la realizaci6n de estudios cientificos o cuando sean indispensables en la adminis- traci6n de la regi6n en que dicho animal o planta se encuentre. ARTfCULO IX Cada uno de los Gobiernos Con- tratantes tomara las medidas necesarias para la vigilancia y reglamentaci6n de las importa- ciones, exportaciones y transito de especies protegidas de flora o fauna, o parte alguna de las mismas, por los medios siguientes: 1. Concesi6n de certificados que autorizen la exportaci6n o transito de especies protegidas de flora o fauna, o de sus productos. [56 STAT.