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1438 INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [56 STAT. United States of America; on the part of the United States of America, to the Library of the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while the National Library of La Paz is in the process of organization. 3. The Government of the Republic of Bolivia shall remit regularly one copy of the complete series of the official publica- tions of its different departments, ministries, universities, general directorships, banks, and other institutions. A list of the said publications with an accurate description thereof will be included in the interchange agreement (List No. 1). [2] This list shall be amplified without previous notice as the Government may see fit to create new offices. 4. The Government of the United States shall furnish one copy of each of the official publications included on the attached List No. 2. P] This list shall be extended to include, without the necessity of subsequent negotiation, any new important publica- tions that may be included by any agency of the United States Government in the future. 5. With respect to the Government offices which are not issuing publications at the present time and are not mentioned on the attached lists, it is understood that such publications as they may issue in the future shall be supplied under the inter- change agreement at the rate of one copy. 6. This agreement does not cover confidential publications, circulars, and other documents of a private nature of the two Governments. 7. Each one of the contracting parties agrees to pay postal, rail, and shipping rates and other charges established within its own country on the publications forwarded. 8. This agreement does not imply any modification of the existing interchange agreements between the different depart- ments and official agencies of the two countries. In case your Government agrees to the text of the provisions of the present note and the enclosed lists, the agreement shall enter into effect on the date on which this Foreign Office receives the return note from you and the duration thereof shall be indefinite, but it may, however, be abrogated on three months' notice. I take the opportunity to renew to you, Mr. Charge d'Affaires, the assurances of my most distinguished consideration. J. RODAS EGUINO ALLAN DAWSON, Esquire, Charge d'Affaires ad interim of the United States of America, City. ' [See p. 1440 .] ' [For list as furnished by the Government of the United States of America, see p. 1442 .]