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56 STAT.] BOLIVIA-EXCHANGE OF PUBLICATIONS-JAN. 26 , 31 , 1942 The American Charge d'Affaires ad interim to the Bolivian Acting Ministerfor Foreign Affairs No. 320 LA PAZ, BOLIVIA, January 31, 1942. EXCELLENCY: I have the honor to refer to Your Excellency's note No. T.C . 72 of January 26, 1942, enclosing a proposal for an exchange of official publications between Your Excellency's Government and the Govern- ment of the United States of America. In reply I am pleased to state that my Government accepts the terms of Your Excellency's proposal, which are as follows: 1. The official Interchange Office for the remittance of the publications of the Republic of Bolivia will be the Department of Intellectual Cooperation of the Foreign Office. The official Interchange Office on the part of the United States of America will be the Smithsonian Institute. 2. The publications exchanged shall be shipped, on the part of Bolivia, to the Library of Congress of the United States; on the part of the United States, to the Library of the Bolivian Foreign Office, while the National Library of La Paz is in the process of organization. 3. The Government of Bolivia will remit regularly one copy of each of the official publications of its different departments, ministries, universities, general directorships, banks and other institutions. A list with their full description thereof will be included in the interchange of notes (as list No. 1). [1] This list shall be amplified without previous notice as the Government may see fit to create new offices. 4. The Government of the United States shall furnish one copy of each of the official publications included on the attached list No. 2 . [2] This list shall be extended to include, without the necessity of subsequent negotiation, any new important publica- tions that may be initiated by any agency of the United States Government in the future. 5. With respect to the Government offices which are not editing publications at the present time, and consequently not mentioned on the attached lists, it is understood that one copy of such publications when they appear in the future, shall be supplied under the interchange agreement. 6. This agreement does not cover publications, circulars, or other documents of a private and confidential nature which may be published by the two Governments. 7. Each one of the contracting parties agrees to pay postal and shipping charges, as well as any other charges within the respective country on the publications forwarded. I [For list as furnished by the Government of Bolivia, see p. 1440 .] ' [See p. 1442 .] 1439