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1452 Definitions. Localization. Inapplicability In certain cases. 52 Stat. 1004. 45 U. S. C. §1351- 367. Ante, pp. 210, 465. Mutual fulfillment of provisions. ervices to be in- ared. INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [56 STAT. APPENDIX AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA AND THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ARTICLE I (a) In this agreement, unless the context otherwise requires, (i) "agency" means any officer, board, commission or other authority designated by an Unemployment Insurance Law in force in any state or in Canada to administer the Unemployment Insurance Fund for which provision is made by such Unemployment Insurance Law; (ii) "state" means any state of the United States of America, the territories of Alaska and Hawaii, and the District of Columbia; (iii) "Social Security Board" means the Board designated in the Social Security Act to administer those provisions of the laws of the United States of America which relate to the Federal-State unemployment insurance programme; (iv) "jurisdiction" means any State or Canada. (b) Services performed by an individual for an employer shall be deemed to be localized within a jurisdiction if- (i) such services are performed entirely within such jurisdiction, or (ii) such services are performed both within and without such jurisdiction, but the services performed without such jurisdiction are incidental to the individual's services per- formed within such jurisdiction, for example, are temporary or transitory in nature or consist of isolated transactions. ARTICLE II This agreement shall not be applicable to employment with respect to which contributions are payable under The Railroad Unemploy- ment Insurance Act of the United States of America or to periods of unemployment with respect to which benefits are payable under that Act. ARTICLE III The Government of the United States of America agrees that the Social Security Board will recommend to each of the states that it carry out the provisions herein contained, and Canada agrees to carry out such provisions: Provided that if any state does not substantially carry out any such provisions, the Unemployment Insurance Commis- sion of Canada may suspend the operation of such provision with reference to such state. ARTICLE IV (a) An individual's entire services for an employer in insurable employment as defined in the unemployment insurance law of a juris-