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5C STAT.] GERMANY-PRISONERS OF WAR-MAR . 4, 30 , 1942 Arrangement between the United States of America and Germany respect- ing reciprocal application of the model agreement concerning repatria- tion and hospitalizationof prisoners of war annexed to the convention signed at Geneva July 27, 1929. Effected by exchange of notes between the Secretary of State and the Minister of Switzerland at Washington, in charge of German interests; dated March 4 and 30, 1942. The Minister of Switzerland, in Charge of German Interests, to the Secretary of State LEGATION OF SWITZERLAND WASHINGTON, D . a . DEPABTMENT O0 GLRMAN INTERESTS The Minister of Switzerland, in charge of German Interests, pre- sents his compliments to the Honorable the Secretary of State and has the honor to submit to him the following proposition received from the German Government: "The United States as well as the German Government are signa- tories to the International Convention of July 27, 1929, regarding the treatment of prisoners of war['] and of the Geneva Agreement of the same date for improvement of the fate of the sick and wounded of the armies in the field.[2 ] Article 68 of the Convention regarding the treatment of prisoners of war provides for additional agreements between warring nations relating to impairment and sickness justifying the transport home or sheltering of prisoners of war in a neutral country. The Govern- ment of the German Reich proposes to the Government of the United States to enforce the Model Agreement attached to the Geneva Convention concerning direct repatriation and hospitalization in a neutral country of prisoners of war for reasons of health.[ s ] The German Government looks forward to the communication of the views of the American Government in this respect. The German Armed Forces Information Service located at Hohen- staufenstrasse 47, Berlin W. 30, has received the necessary instructions to give information in regard to members of the American Armed Forces taken prisoners by Germany and to give particulars regarding such prisoners of war to the Legation of Switzerland designated by the American Government as protecting power as well as to the Central Information Office for Prisoners of War at Geneva." WASHINGTON, D.C . March 4, 1942 To the Honorable THE SECRETARY OF STATE 1 [Treaty Series 846; 47 Stat. 2021 .] ' [Treaty Series 847; 47 Stat. 2074.1 s [Treaty Series 846, pp. 30-33, 63 -66 .] March 4, 30, 1942 [E. A. 8. 255] 47 Stat. 2053 . 47 Stat. 2067 -272 . 1507