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56 STAT.] FIGHTING FRANCE-MUTUAL WAR AID -SEPT. 3, 1942 France. Fighting France will provide on the same terms and as reciprocal aid so much of its war production made available to the United States as it authorizes in accordance with the principles enun- ciated in the letter. 5. Within territories under the control of Fighting France or within the same theater of operations, the National Committee will provide the United States or its armed forces with the following types of assist-' ance as such reciprocal aid when it is found that they can most effec- tively be procured in territory under the control of Fighting France. (A). Military equipment, munitions and military and naval stores. (B). Other supplies, materials, facilities and services for the United States forces except for the pay and allowances of such forces, administrative expenses and such local purchases as its official estab- lishments may make other than through the official establishments of Fighting France as specified in paragraph 6. (C). Supplies, materials and services except for the wages and salaries of United States citizens needed in the construction of military projects, tasks and similar capital works required for the common war effort in territory under the control of Fighting France or in the same theater of operations to the extent that such territory is the most practicable source of supply. 6. The practical application of the principles formulated in the letter including the procedure by which requests for aid are made and acted upon shall be worked out by agreement as occasion may require, through the appropriate military or civilian administrative authorities. Requests by the United States forces for such aid will be presented by their duly authorised authorities to official agencies of Fighting Frahce which will be designated or established in the areas where United States forces are located for the purpose of facilitating the provision of reciprocal aid. 7. It is the Committee's understanding that all such aid accepted by the President of the United States or his authorized representatives from Fighting France will be received as a benefit to the United States under the Act of March 11, 1941. In so far as circumstances will 2 S.o Spp. permit, appropriate record of aid received under this arrangement, ii 41119 except for miscellaneous facilities and services, will be kept by each. If the Government of the United States concurs in the foregoing, the present note and a reply to that effect will be regarded as placing on record the understanding in this matter./. For the French National Committee M DEJEAN Brigadier-General J. E. DAHLQUIST, Acting Chief of Staff, General Staff Corps, Headquarters,European Theatre of Operations, U.S. Army, 20, Grosvenor Sq., W.I.