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1736 INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [56 STAT. SCHEDULE II-Continued. United States Tariff Act of 1930 Paragraph Description of Article Rate of Duty 1627 Bones: Crude, steamed, or ground; bone dust, bone meal, and bone ash; and animal carbon suitable only for fer- tilizing purposes Free 1670 Dyeing or tanning materials: Quebracho wood, whether crude or advanced in value or condition by shredding, grinding, chipping, crush- ing, or any similar process, and not containing alcohol Free 1681 Furs and fur skins, not specially provided for, undressed: Guanaquito Free Nutria Free Wildcat Free Ocelot Free Hare Free Otter Free Lamb and sheep (except caracul and Persian lamb) Free Seal Free Fox (other than silver or black fox) Free 1685 Tankage of a grade used chiefly for fer- tilizers, or chiefly as an ingredient in the manufacture of fertilizers Free 1688 Hair of horse and cattle (including calf), cleaned or uncleaned, drawn or undrawn, but unmanufactured, not specially provided for: Body hair Free Other Free 1693 Hoofs, unmanufactured Free 1694 Horns and parts of, including horn strips and tips, unmanufactutred Free 1755 Sausage casings, weasands, intestines, bladders, tendons, and integlinlents, not specially provilded for Free 1765 Skins of all kinds, raw , and hides not specially provided for: Horse, colt, ass, and mule Free Carpincho Free Sheep and lamb Free Goat and kid Free 1780 Tankage, unfit for human consumption Free Internal Rev- enue Code Description of Article Import Tax Section 2491 (a) Tallow 1i2 ¢ per lb. 2491 (a) Neatsfoot oil and animal oils known as neatsfoot stock 1l42 per lb. 2491 (c) Oleo oil and oleo stearin 1X¢ per lb.