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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [56 STAT. [Enclosure] In order to effect a satisfactory arrangement whereby Mexican agricultural labor may be made available for use in the United States and at the same time provide means whereby this labor will be adequately protected while out of Mexico, the following general pro- General provisions. visions are suggested: 1) It is understood that Mexicans contracting to work in the United States shall not be engaged in any military service. 2) Mexicans entering the United States as a result of this under- standing shall not suffer discriminatory acts of any kind in accordance with the Executive Order No. 8802 issued at the White House June 25, 1941.[ i ] 3) Mexicans entering the United States under this understanding shall enjoy the guarantees of transportation, living expenses and repatriation established in Article 29 of the Mexican Labor Law. 4) Mexicans entering the United States under this understanding shall not be employed to displace other workers, or for the purpose of reducing rates of pay previously established. In order to implement the application of the general principles pecific clauses. mentioned above the following specific clauses are established. "Employer." (When the word "employer" is used hereinafter it shall be under- stood to mean the Farm Security Administration of the Department of "Sub-employer." Agriculture of the United States of America; the word "sub-em- ployer" shall mean the owner or operator of the farm or farms in the United States on which the Mexican will be employed; the word "Worker." "worker" hereinafter used shall refer to the Mexican farm laborer entering the United States under this understanding.) CONTRACTS a. Contracts will be made between the employer and the worker under the supervision of the Mexican Government. (Contracts must be written in Spanish.) b. The employer shall enter into a contract with the sub-employer, with a view to proper observance of the principles embodied in this understanding. ADMISSION a. The Mexican health authorities will, at the place whence the worker comes, see that he meets the necessary physical conditions. TRANSPORTATION a. All transportation and living expenses from the place of origin to destination, and return, as well as expenses incurred in the ful- fillment of any requirements of a migratory nature shall be met by the employer. b. Personal belongings of the workers up to a maximum of 35 kilos per person shall be transported at the expense of the employer. 1[6 F. R. 3109.] 1766