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56 STAT.] MEXICO-MIGRATION OF AGRICULTURAL WORKERS-AUG. 4,1942 c. In accord with the intent of Article 29 of the Mexican Federal Labor Law, it is expected that the employer will collect all or part of the cost accruing under (a) and (b) of transportation from the sub- employer. WAGES AND EMPLOYMENT a. (1) Wages to be paid the worker shall be the same as those paid for similar work to other agricultural laborers in the respective regions of destination; but in no case shall this wage be less than 30 cents per hour (U. S . currency); piece rates shall be so set as to enable the worker of average ability to earn the prevailing wage. a. (2) On the basis of prior authorization from the Mexican Gov- ernment salaries lower than those established in the previous clause may be paid those emigrants admitted into the United States as members of the family of the worker under contract and who, when they are in the field, are able also to become agricultural laborers but who, by their condition of age or sex cannot carry out the average amount of ordinary work. b. The worker shall be exclusively employed as an agricultural laborer for which he has been engaged; any change from such type of employment shall be made with the express approval of the worker and with the authority of the Mexican Government. c. There shall be considered illegal any collection by reason of commission or for any other concept demanded of the worker. d. Work for minors under 14 years shall be strictly prohibited, and they shall have the same schooling opportunities as those enjoyed by children of other agricultural laborers. e. Workers domiciled in the migratory labor camps or at any other place of employment under this understanding shall be free to obtain articles for their personal consumption, or that of their families, wherever it is most convenient for them. f. Housing conditions, sanitary and medical services enjoyed by workers admitted under this understanding shall be identical to those enjoyed by the other agricultural workers in the same localities. g. Workers admitted under this understanding shall enjoy as regards occupational diseases and accidents the same guarantees enjoyed by other agricultural workers under United States legislation. h. Groups of workers admitted under this understanding shall elect their own representatives to deal with the employer, but it is under- stood that all such representatives shall be working members of the group. The Mexican consuls in their respective jurisdiction shah make every effort to extend all possible protection to all these workers on any questions affecting them. i. For such time as they are unemployed under a period equal to 75% of the period (exclusive of Sundays) for which the workers have been contracted they shall receive a subsistence allowance at the rate of $3.00 per day. For the remaining 25% of the period for which the workers have been contracted during which the workers may be unemployed they 1767