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.6 STAT.] ECUADOR-EXPERIMENT STATION-OCT. 20, 29, 1942 Agreement between the United States of America and Ecuador approving October 20, 2, 1942 Mlemorandum of Understanding signed August 12, 1942 respecting [r.A. S . 28 an agriculturalexperiment station in Ecuador. Effected by exchange of notes signed October 20 and 29, 1942; effective August 12, 1942. The Acting Secretary of State to the EcuadoranAmbassador DEPARTMENT OF STATE WASHINGTON October 20, 1942 EXCELLENCY: I have the honor to refer to a Memorandum of Understanding dated August 12, 1942, and signed by the Honorable Claude R. Wickard, Secretary of Agriculture of the United States of America, by His Excellency Ricardo Crespo Ordonez, Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Ecuador, and by Mr. Eric F. Lamb and Sefior V. Illingworth, General Manager and President, respectively, of the Corporaci6n Ecuatoriana de Fomento, relating to the establishment and operation of an agricultural experiment station in Ecuador, which reads in English and Spanish as follows: MEMORANDUM OF UNDER- STANDING In conformity with the desire of the Government of Ecuador that the Government of the United States of America and the Ecua- doran Development Corporation cooperate with the Government of Ecuador in the establishment and operation of an agricultural experiment station in Ecuador for the purpose of promoting the production of basic and strategic agricultural products, the Govern- ment of the United States of America through the United States Department of Agriculture, the Ecuadoran Development Corpora- tion, and the Government of Ecuador, have reached the follow- ing understanding: 1. The general functions of the station shall include: (a) agro- nomic production investigations necessary to permanent agricul- MEMORANDUM DE ENTENDI- MIENTO De acuerdo con el deseo del Gobierno del Ecuador que el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos de America y la Corporaci6n Ecuatoriana de Fomento cooperen con el Gobierno del Ecuador en establecer y dirigir una Estaci6n Experimental de Agricultura en el Ecuador con el fin de fomentar la producci6n de articulos agricolas tropicales fundamentales y estra- t6gicos, el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos de America, por medio del Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos, la Corpora- ci6n Ecuatoriano de Fomento y el Gobierno del Ecuador, han llegado al siguiente entendimiento: 1. Las funciones generales de la estaci6n comprenderan: (a) inves- tigaciones agron6micas necesarias para una agricultura duradera en COeoa functions. 1787