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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [56 STAT. Funds for issuance funds necessary for the prepara- of publications. tion, printing and distribution of four types of publications to be issued by the station, as follows: (1) a popular Spanish periodical written for the farm family and containing articles by the staff and other qualified persons on such subjects as health, hygiene, community organization, infor- mation on the Pacific region, aims of the experiment station, treatment of agricultural prac- tices and methodology, (2) Farm circulars written in Spanish and issued as required, dealing with specific farm prac- tices or products, (3) Technical bulletins in Eng- lish or Spanish dealing with the results of specific scientific in- vestigation at the station, and (4) An annual report in Span- ish, covering the work of the sta- tion performed during the year, and the status of agriculture in the region; Personnel. (g) a director of the station; (h) the services of at least one Salva- doran scientist to cooperate with each scientist detailed to the sta- tion by the United States Depart- ment of Agriculture, and the services of technologists qualified in the fields of land-surveying, topography, drainage, drafting, minor construction, chemical anal- ysis, and library management; (i) stenographers, clerks, mechanics, machinists, field plot and labora- tory assistants, and such unskilled labor as may be necessary to con- duct the work of the experiment ETS otavtion in station; (j) the transportation ex- penses incurred by Salvadoran and United States members of the los fondos necesarios para la pre- paraci6n, impresi6a y distribuci6n de cuatro clases de publicaciones que hara la Estaci6n, como sigue: (a) Una revista popular en es- pafol, escrita para la familia agricola y conteniendo articulos escritos por el personal y por otras personas preparadas en los temas de sanidad, higiene, organizaci6n de la comunidad, informes sobre la regi6n del Pacifico, fines de la Estaci6n Experimental, trato de practicas y m6todos agricolas; (2) Circulares agricolas escritas en espafiol y que se publicaran segun se necesiten, que traten de determinados m6todos o pro- ductos agricolas; (3) Boletines t6cnicos en ingles o espafiol, que traten de los resultados de ciertas investiga- ciones cientificas hechas en la Estaci6n; y (4) Un informe anual en espafiol que describa el trabajo de la Estaci6n llevado a cabo durante el afio y el estado agricola de la regi6n; (g) un Director de la Estaci6n; (h) los servicios de pn cientifico salvadorefio, por lo nicnos, que coopere con cada cientifico desig- nado para la Estaci6n por el Departamlento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos; y los servicios de tecnicos id6neos en los ramos de mensura de terrenos, topo- grafia, desagies, injertos, construc- clones menores, analisis quimicos y manejo de biblioteca; (i) taqui- grafos, escribientes, mecanicos, maquinistas, asistentes de campo y de laboratorio y los peones necesarios para el trabajo de la Estaci6n Experimental; (j) los gas- tos de transporte en que incurran los miembros del personal salva- 1798 I