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56 STAT.] INTER-AMERICAN--BOUNDARIES, ETC.-JAN . 29, 1942 3)-Outlet of the Cononaco into the Curaray, downstream, to Bellavista; 4)-A line to the outlet of the Yasumi into the Napo River. Along the Napo, downstream, to the mouth of the Aguarico; 5)-Along the latter, upstream, to the confluence of the Lagartococha or Zancudo River with the Aguarico; 6)-The Lagartococha or Zancudo River, upstream, to its sources and from there a straight line meeting the Guepi River and along this river to its outlet into the Putumayo, and along the Putumayo upstream to the boundary of Ecuador and Colombia. ARTICLE IX It is understood that the line above described shall be accepted by Peru and Ecuador for the demarcation of the boundary between the two countries, by technical experts, on the grounds. The parties may, however, when the line is being laid out on the ground, grant such reciprocal concessions as they may consider advisable in order to adjust the aforesaid line to geographical realities. These rectifica- tions shall be made with the collaboration of the representatives of the United States of America, the Argentine Republic, Brazil, and Chile. The Governments of Peru and Ecuador shall submit this protocol to their respective Congresses and the corresponding approval is to be obtained within a period of not more than 30 days. In witness whereof, the plenipotentiaries mentioned above sign and seal the present protocol, in two copies, in Spanish, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, at one o'clock, the twenty-ninth day of January, of the year nineteen hundred and forty-two, under the auspices of His Excellency the President of Brazil and in the presence of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Argentine Republic, Brazil, and Chile and of the Under Secretary of State of the United States of America. (L.S.) (L.S.) Signed) Signed) Signed) Signed) 1823 Acceptance of line; adjustments. Approval by Con- gresses. ALFREDO SOLF Y MURO J. TOBAR DONOSO SUMNER WELLES E. Ruiz GUIRAZt JUAN B. ROSSETTI OSWALDO ARANHA A TRUE COPY DEPARTMENT OF STATE FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS Rio de Janeiro, D.F ., January 30, 1942 JosE ROBERTO DE MACEDO S6ARES Chief of the Division of International Acts, Congresses, and Conferences