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56STAT.] CANADA-LAKE ST. FRANCIS- Oct. 5 9, 1942 1833 Nov. 10, 1941 1 the levels of Lake St. Francis during low water periods and to inform you that this Government is agreeable to your Government's pro- posal that these arrangements should be continued until October 1, 1943 subject, of course, to all of the conditions and limitations con- tained in the Notes exchanged on November 10, 1941. Accept, Sir, the renewed assurances of my highest consideration. For the Secretary of State: A. A. BERLE, Jr. The Honorable LEIGHTON MCCARTHY, K.C., Minister of Canada. EXCHANGE OF NOTES The CanadianMinister to the Secretary of State CANADIAN LEGATION WASHINGTON No. 682. NOVEMBER 10th, 1941. SIR: I have the honour, on the instructions of my Government, to en- quire whether the Government of the United States would agree to a temporary raising of the level of Lake St. Francis during low water periods, for the reasons and in the circumstances hereinafter set out: 1. The Beauharnois Light, Heat and Power Company has for some years, under the authority of the Parliament and Govern- ment of Canada, diverted water from Lake St. Francis for the development of hydro-electric power. 2. In order to conserve the supply of power in the lower St. Lawrence, which is needed to continue the existing export of power for aluminum production at Massena, New York, the Company have asked the Canadian Government for authority to maintain the level of Lake St. Francis at 152.0 during low water periods, subject to the maintenance of the normal regimen of the Lake for levels above that elevation. 3. During these periods the water level of the Lake has fallen to 150.0 and may even fall to a lower level, whereas the mean level of the Lake is 151.7 and the normal high water 154.0 . Extreme high water may go to above elevation 155.75. 4. To provide for the maintenance of the Lake level, the Company is presently installing a temporary dam to partially close the existing gap at the head of the Coteau Rapids, and have in con- templation for next season the construction of a permanent dam to close the gap completely, but this will not assure their output during low water periods unless they are permitted to maintain the Lake level at 152.0 as above. The regulation of the level of the Lake to 152.0 will not only be of benefit to the Beauharnois output in this vital period but will assure continuous 14 ft. depth 65714 -43-PT. II -47