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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [56 STAT. JanUy 16,1942 Agreement between the United States of America and CostaRica respecting [E. A.8 293] the Inter-American Highway. Effected by exchange of notes signed at Washington January16, 1942. The Costa Rican Minister of Public Works and Agriculture to the Secretary of State LEGACI6N DE COSTA RICA EN WASHINGTON JANUARY 16, 1942 MY DEAR MR. SECRETARY: In accordance with the provisions of Public Law 375 of December 26, 1941[1] which provides for the cooperation of the United States with the Central American republics in the construction of the Inter- American Highway, I hereby, fully authorized by my Government, beg to make formal request to participate in. the cooperative plan of said construction. In this connection I wish on behalf of my Government to offer the assurances required by the Law that, with a view to receiving the cooperation envisaged in the Law, it has made commitments to assume at least one-third of the expenditures to be incurred hence- forth by it and by the United States in the survey and construction of the Highway within the borders of Costa Rica. To this end it has already concluded arrangements with the Export-Import Bank of Washington by which it has received a credit now amounting to $2,200,000 which, under its contract with the Bank, may not be expended, without the Bank's assent, for any purpose other than the construction of the Inter-American Highway. In addition, my Government owns road building equipment valued at several hundred thousand dollars which is being made available for the construction of the Inter-American Highway and which will substantially increase the contribution of my Government to the construction of the Highway. I trust that these facts will constitute ample assurance that my Government has made the commitments envisaged in the law to assume at least one-third of the expenditures which are proposed to be incurred henceforth by Costa Rica and by the United States in the completion of the survey and construction of the Inter American High- way in Costa Rica in accordance with present proposals. 1[55 Stat. 860 .] 1840