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56 STAT.] NICARAGUA-INTER-AMERICAN HIGHWVAY-APR. 8, 1942 1845 Agreement between the United States of America andNicaraguarespecting April 8, 1942 the Inter-American Highway. Effected by exchange of notes signed at [E A.S. 295 Washington April 8, 1942. The Nicaraguan Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Acting Secretary of State LEGACION DE NICARAGUA WASHINGTON, D.C. No. 603 APRIL 8, 1942. SIR: With reference to conversations which I have held with officials of the Government of the United States, I have the honor to inform you that my Government is desirous of securing the cooperation of the United States in the construction of the Inter-American Highway, envisaged in Public Law 375 of the Congress of the United States of December 26, 1941.[1] In accordance with the terms of this Law, I therefore request in the name of my Government that the Government of the United States extend cooperation in the construction of the Inter-American High- way in Nicaragua. In this connection, I herewith give formal assurances that the Government of my country will assume one- third of the expenditures to be incurred subsequent to December 26, 1941 by the United States and Nicaragua in the survey and construc- tion of the highway within the borders of Nicaragua. On December 16, 1941 my Government secured a credit of $2,000,000 from the Export-Import Bank of Washington. A sum of $1,250,000 from this credit has been allocated toward my Govern- ment's share of the cost of the survey and construction of the High- way as defined above. In addition my Government is making avail- able, as a contribution towards its share in the Project, roadbuilding equipment and materials which it now owns to a value of $250,000. In the event that these contributions should prove insufficient to pay my Government's share of the Project, it also agrees to contribute in due time an additional amount sufficient to fulfill the obligations which it has incurred under the assurances given in the preceding paragraph. My Government is aware that the survey and construction work authorized by Public Law 375 is to be under the administration of the Public Roads Administration, Federal Works Agency. It is therefore the intention of the appropriate Nicaraguan authorities, following this exchange of notes, to reach a subsidiary agreement with that Administration to carry out this provision of the Law. I trust that these assurances will be satisfactory to your Govern- ment for the purposes of the Law. ' [55 Stat. 860.]