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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [56 STAT. AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND OF THE UNITED STATES OF BRAZIL, FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF FOOD STUFFS PRODUCTION IN BRAZIL, ESPECIALLY IN THE STATES SITUATED IN THE AMAZON REGION, THE NORTH AND NORTHEAST. INCLUDING THE STATE OF BAIA. On the third day of September nineteen hundred and forty-two, being present in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in this city of Rio de Janeiro, on the one part Ambassador Jefferson Caffery and Mr Nelson Rockefeller, the latter Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, as representatives of the Government of the United States of Amer- ica, and on the other part, Messrs. Oswaldo Aranha and Apolonio Sales, respectively, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and of Agriculture, as representatives of the Government of the United States of Brazil, having in view the situation created by the war and the difficulties of transportation; and considering the exchange of correspondence be- tween the Government of the United States of America and that of Brazil,['] consisting of notes of the 3rd. and the 14th. of March of the current year, telegrams from the Office of the Coordinator of Inter- American Affairs, and from the Brazilian Embassy in Washington, as well as the conversations held on the 27th. of August last, between the representatives of the aforesaid Office and of the American Em- bassy in Rio de Janeiro and the Ministry of Agriculture, resolve to sign the present Agreement for the execution of a plan for the devel- opment of food stuffs production in Brazil, especially in the Amazon Region, North and Northeast, including the State of Baia, in accord- ance with the following clauses: CLAUSE FIRST Plan. The work to be carried out will follow a plan which shall be drawn up by the Ministry of Agriculture, with the collaboration of North- American specialists, who will be put at the disposal of the Ministry of Agriculture for this purpose. CLAUSE SECOND Items covered. The plan referred to in the previous Clause, is designed to increase the production of foodstuffs of vegetable and animal origin, of primary necessity, covering at least the following items: a) technical assistance for the increase and improvement of production of foodstuffs of animal and vegetable origin; b) provision of means, tools, equipment, insecticides, etc, for the increased production of foodstuffs of animal and vegetable origin; l [Not printed.] 1876;