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1880 Obligations as- sumed by Coordinator of Inter-American Af- fairs. Brazilian-American Food Production Commission. INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [56 STAT. ment of Vegetable Production, as well as the technical collaboration of all other agencies of the Ministry of Agriculture as may become necessary. CLAUSE FOURTH The Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, on his part, assumes the following obligations: 1. To contribute the amount of one million dollars, for the first year of operation of this Agreement, in two sums of one-half million dollars, the first after the signing of this contract, and the other when the Brazilian Government deposits with the Bank of Brazil the amount of five thousand contos of reis, in accordance with the obliga- tion in item no. 1, Clause 3, assumed by the same. 2. To contribute one million dollars, during the first half of Sep- tember, 1943. 3. To send and to maintain in Brazil, during the duration of the present Agreement, North-American technicians specialized in the matters pertaining to this Agreement, paying their salaries, traveling expenses and per diem. 4. To facilitate, as far as possible, the acquisition of specialized material which may be necessary for the execution of this Agreement. 5. To deposit the contributions stipulated in Items 1 and 2 of this Clause, with the Bank of Brazil, at the disposal of the Minister of Agriculture, in a special account for the Brazilian-American Foor Production Commission, to be expended in accordance with provisions of Clause 5, Letters c and d. CLAUSE FIFTH For the execution of this Agreement: a) There will be constituted a special Commission which shall be called the Brazilian-American Food Production Commission, com- posed of: 1-The Director of the Division for the Development of Vegetable Production who will serve as President of the Commission; 2-the Chief Food Production Specialist designated by the Co- ordinator of Inter-American Affairs. b) The seat of the Brazilian-American Food Production Commission will be in Rio de Janeiro, being subject to transfer to another city in the judgement of the Minister of Agriculture. c) The application of the resources at the disposition of the Brazilian-American Commission, and its presentation of accounts will be in accordance with instructions to be drawn up by said Commission and to be approved by the Minister of Agriculture. d) The expenditures made for the account of the Brazilian and American contributions, consisting of item 1 of Clause 3, and items 1 and 2 of Clause 4, will be duly recorded in appropriate accounting procedure, to be submitted for the approval of the Minister of Agri- culture after having been duly examined and passed upon by the two members composing the Brazilian-American Commission.