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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [56 STAT. It should, however, be understood that the arrangement set forth above does not intend to prevent the Netherlands Government from exercising its sovereign powers under existing treaties and international law to protect the rights and to impose duties upon its citizens residing in the United States, and to take such measures to that effect as may appear necessary. The Netherlands Government suggests the regime as proposed above to become effective immediately upon receipt of a note from Your Excellency stating that the Government of the United States agrees thereto, particularly with regard to the names and addresses to be supplied by the Selective Service System. The Netherlands Government assumes that pending the negotia- tions concerning the above the Selective Service Headquarters will instruct the local Boards to refrain from enlisting persons into the armed forces of the United States who under the proposed agreement are free to elect to serve in the Netherlands armed forces. Please accept, Sir, the renewed assurances of my highest considera- tion. A. LOUDON The Honorable The SECRETARY OF STATE Washington, D.C . The Secretary of State to the Netherlands Ambassador DEPARTMENT OF STATE WASHINGTON EXCELLENCY: September 24, 1942 I have the honor to refer to your note no. 4521 of July 2, 1942, concerning the proposed arrangement regarding the service of nationals of one country in the armed forces of the other country. The appropriate authorities of this Government have given careful consideration to the contents of your note, and consider it to contain satisfactory assurances in regard to the points raised in the Depart- Effectivedate. ment's note of March 31, 1942. Accordingly, the arrangement is being regarded as having taken effect on July 8, 1942, the (late on which your note of July 2, 1942, was received in the Department. The Selective Service System, in connection with your request to be given the names and addresses of Netherlands subjects who are free to opt for service in the netherlands armed forces, has made the following statement: "This Headquarters has no available list of declarant citizens of the Netherlands except the names taken from Alien's Personal History and Statement (DSS Form 304). It is now contemplated that the use of this form will be discontinued shortly, at least as far as cobelligerent and neutral countries are concerned. If this should be the case, it will be very difficult and practically impos- sible to furnish the names desired, since it will be inadvisable to request local boards to undertake the added burden of compiling such lists." 1904