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56STAT.] UNION OF S. AFRICA-MILITARY SERVICE Ma'i 31 Jnle ), Aug. 12 , 1942 Oct. 7, 1. 7, 3142 1923 The MAinister of the Union of South Africa to the Secretary of State 32/4. LEGATION OF THE UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA WASHINGTON, D.C. 9th JUNE, 1942. SIR, I have the honour to refer to your Note of 31st March, 1942, and to inform you on instructions of my Government that the Government of the Union of South Africa are desirous of participating in the procedure under which certain classes of aliens are permitted on conditions outlined in your note, to elect for service in their own national armed forces in lieu of service in the United States armed forces as provided by the Selective Service Act of 1940. I am also directed to say that the Government of the Union of South Africa agrees to the stipulations set forth in the lettered para- graphs A, B and C of your note. In accepting the procedure and the conditions which govern it the Union Government proposes as a further proviso that all Union Nationals who may be affected by the arrangement should be attested as volunteers by this Legation before they leave the U.S .A . Although the Union Government do not specifically indicate the reason for this proviso it is clear that such attestation is necessary in order that nullification of the procedure on the part of the Union Nationals concerned may be obviated, inasmuch as compulsory military service is not applicable in the Union of South Africa. As you may be aware the Union's armed forces are composed of volunteers only. I shall be glad to learn as soon as possible whether the proviso indicated above is acceptable to the United States Government, and if that is the case, on what date the procedure can be regarded as taking effect. I shall also be glad to receive in due course such practical details for carrying out of the procedure, as may be available. Accept, Sir, the renewed assurance of my highest consideration. RALPH W. CLOSE MINISTER. The Honourable The SECRETARY OF STATE, Department of State, Washington, D. C. The Secretary of State to the Minister of the Union of South Africa DEPARTMENT OF STATE WASHINCTON August 12, 1942 SIR: I have the honor to refer to your note no. 32/4 of June 9, 1942, in which you refer to the Department's note of March 31, 1942 on the subject of arrangements between the Union of South Africa and this