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56 STAT.] PROCLAMATIONS-JULY 14, 1942 1967 On the Colorado River in California and within ten miles of its western bank, November 2 to January 10. In those portions of Essex and Clinton Counties, New York, east of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad tracks and that part of Wash- ington County east of the aforesaid tracks to and including the town of South Bay and all of the waters of South Bay and one mile distant from such waters in any direction, September 26 to December 4. In Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia, November 2 to January 10. In Puerto Rico, December 15 to February 12. In Fur Districts 1 and 3 in Alaska, as defined in the regulations governing the taking of game in Alaska adopted June 8, 1940 (5 F. R. 2288), September 21 to November 29; and in the remainder of Alaska, September 1 to November 9: Provided, That scoters, locally known j0io. as sea coots, may be taken in open coastal waters only, beyond outer harbor lines, in Maine and New Hampshire from September 15 to September 30; and in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York includ- ing Long Island, and Rhode Island, from September 15 to October 15, and thereafter from land or water during the open seasons for other waterfowl in these States. Geese, in Alexander County, Illinois, October 15 to December 13. Rails and gallinules (except coot). -The open season on rails and gallinules (except coot) shall be from September 1 to November 30, both dates inclusive, except as follows: Alabama, November 20 to January 31. Louisiana, September 15 to December 15. Maine, and Wisconsin, September 26 to December 4. Massachusetts, and New York, including Long Island, October 15 to December 23. Minnesota, September 16 to November 30. Puerto Rico, December 15 to February 12. California, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington, no open season. Woodcock. -The open seasons on woodcock shall be as follows, both dates inclusive: That part of New York lying north of the tracks of the main line of the New York Central Railroad extendlilg from Buffalo to Albany and north of the tracks of the main line of the Boston & Albany Railroad extending from Albany to the Massachusetts State line, and in Vermont, and Wisconsin, October 1 to October 15. That part of New York lying south of the line above described and in Connecticut, and Indiana, October 15 to October 29. That part of New York known as Long Island, and in New Jersey, and Rhode Island, November 1 to November 15. Arkansas, and Oklahoma, December 1 to December 15. Delaware, and Maryland, November 15 to November 29. Louisiana, and Mississippi, December 15 to December 29. Maine, New Hampshire, and Ohio, October 10 to October 24. Massachusetts, October 20 to November 3. Michigan, in Upper Peninsula, October 1 to October 15; in remainder of State, October 15 to October 29. Minnesota, October 3 to October 18. Missouri, November 10 to November 24. Pennsylvania, October 24 to November 7. Virginia, November 20 to December 4. West Virginia, October 17 to October 31.