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1,1(1 U1983 submit to registration at such time or times and place or places, and in such manner and in such age group or groups, as shall be determined by rules and regulations prescribed hereunder."

"SEC. 5. (a) Commissioned officers, warrant officers, pay clerks, and enlisted men of the Regular Army, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, the Coast and Geodetic Survey, the Public Health Service, the federally recognized active Na- tional Guard, the Officers' Reserve Corps, the Regular Army Reserve, the Enlisted Reserve Corps, the Naval Reserve, and the Marine Corps Reserve; cadets, United States Military Academy; midshipmen, United States Naval Academy; cadets, United States Coast Guard Academy; men who have been ac- cepted for admittance (commencing with the academic year next succeeding such acceptance) to the United States Military Academy as cadets, to the United States Naval Academy as midshipmen, or to the United States Coast Guard Academy as cadets, but only during the continuance of such acceptance; cadets of the advanced course, senior division, Reserve Officers' Training Corps or Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps; and diplomatic representatives, technical attaches of foreign em- bassies and legations, consuls general, consuls, vice consuls, and consular agents of foreign countries, and persons in other cate- gories to be specified by the President, residing in the United States, who are not citizens of the United States, and who have not declared their intention to become citizens of the United States, shall not be required to be registered under section 2 and shall be relieved from liability for training and service under section 3 (b)."

"SEC. 10. (a) The President is authorized- (1) to prescribe the necessary rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this Act;"

(4) to utilize the services of any or all departments and any and all officers or agents of the United States and to accept the services of all officers and agents of the several States, Territories, and the District of Columbia and subdivisions thereof in the execution of this Act;"

"SEC. 14 . (a) Every person shall be deemed to have notice of the requirements of this Act upon publication by the President of a proclamation or other public notice fixing a time for any registration under section 2."

WHEREAS Section 208 of the Coast Guard Auxiliary and Reserve Act of 1941, approved February 19, 1941 (55 Stat. 9), provides, in 14u. s.c ., Sp p. i, part, as follows: 30s. "Members of the [Coast Guard] Reserve, other than temporary members as provided for in section 207 hereof, shall receive the same exemption from registration and liability for training and service as members of the Naval Reserve * * *;" WHEREAS the first registration under the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940 took place in the continental United States sous.85. app October 16, 1940, in the Territory of Hawaii on October 26, 1940, in 301-318; Spp. I, Puerto Rico on November 20, 1940, and in the Territory of Alaska Ant, pp . 369 36, 724, 1018. 56 STAT.1 PRCnrT.AMATrTN T-TT -7 -na