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PROCLAMATIONS-JULY 27, 1944 Game mammals.- Game mammals under the terms of the aforesaid convention between the United States and the United Mexican States include: Antelope, mountain sheep, deer, bears, peccaries; squirrels, rabbits, and hares. REGULATION 2.- DE FI NI TION OF TERMS For the purpose of these regulations, the following terms shall be construed, respectively, to mean and to include- Secretary. -Secretary of the Interior of the United States. Director. -Director, Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Department of the Interior. Regional Director. - Regional Director, Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Department of the Interior. Person.-Individual, club, association, partnership, or corpora- tion, any one or all, as the context requires. Take.- Hunt, kill, or capture, or attempt to hunt, kill, or capture. Open season.- Time during which migratory game birds may be taken. Transport.- Ship, carry, export, import, and receive or deliver for shipment, conveyance, carriage, exportation, or importation. REGULATION 3.-MEANS BY WHICH MIGRATORY GAME BIRDS MAY BE TAKEN Migratory game birds on which open seasons are specified in regula- tion 4 may be taken during such seasons only with bow and arrow or with a shotgun not larger than No. 10 gage, fired from the shoulder, Pot, pp. 1143.1144. except as permitted by regulations 7, 8, and 9, but they shall not be taken with or by means of any automatic-loading or hand-operated repeating shotgun capable of holding more than three shells, the maga- zine of which has not been cut off or plugged with a one-piece metal or wooden filler incapable of removal through the loading end thereof, so as to reduce the capacity of said gun to not more than three shells at one time in the magazine and chamber combined. Such birds may be taken during the open seasons from land or water, with aid of a dog, and from a blind, boat or other floating craft not under tow or sail, except sinkbox (battery), motorboat (excluding a boat having a detached outboard motor), and sailboat. Nothing herein shall per- mit the taking of migratory game birds from or by means, aid or use of an automobile or aircraft of any kind, the taking of waterfowl by means, aid or use of cattle, horses, mules, or live duck or goose decoys, the concentrating, driving, rallying or stirring up of waterfowl and coot by means or aid of any motorboat, sailboat, or aircraft of any kind, nor exclude the picking up of injured or dead waterfowl by means of a motorboat, sailboat, or other craft. Waterfowl (except for propagating, scientific or other purposes Pot. . 1143 . under permit issued pursuant to regulation 8) and mourning doves and white-winged doves are not permitted to be taken by means, aid or use of shelled, shucked, or unshucked corn, or of wheat or other grain, salt or other feed that has been so deposited. distributed, or scattered as to constitute a lure, attraction, or enticement in the hunting of such birds, except properly shocked corn and standing crops of corn, wheat, or other grain or feed, and except grains found scattered solely as a result of agricultural harvesting. bFederal migratory A person over 16 years of age is not permitted to take migratory bird hunting stamp. permitted to take migratory Persons over 16 waterfowl unless at the time of such taking he has on his person an es of age. unexpired Federal migratory-bird hunting stamp, validated by his Persons not over 6 signature written across the face thereof in ink. Persons not over years or age. ': 1138 [58 STAT.