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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [58 STAT. The CanadianCharge d'Affaires ad interim to the Secretary of State CANADIAN LEGATiO WASHINGTON No. 423. August 13,1943 SM, I have the honour to refer to your Note of May 24, 1943, concerning a proposed arrangement between the Governments of Canada and the United States in respect of the exercise by either country in the terri- torial waters of the other of jurisdiction in cases of prize. Under instructions from my Government I am now enclosing here- with copies of an Order in Council, P.C. 6092, dated August 3, 1943, authorizing the exercise of original jurisdiction by District Courts of the United States in regard to prizes captured on the high seas. It is understood that in view of this action on the part of the Government 57 Stat. 751. of Canada, a proclamation will now be issued by the President of the United States, conferring a like jurisdiction on the appropriate Canadian Courts. Accept, Sir, the renewed assurance of my highest consideration. MIICHANT MAHONEX Charggd'Affaires The Hon. CORDELt HULL, Secretary of State of the UnitedStates, Washington, D. C. ORDER IN COUNCIL AUTHORIZING THE EXERCISE OF ORIGINAL JURISDICTION BY DISTRICT COURTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA OF PRIZES CAPTURED ON THE HIGH SEAS P.C . 6092 AT THE GOVERNMENT HOUSE AT OTTAWA TUESDAY, the 3rd day of August, 1943. PRESENT: His EXCELLENCY THE GOVERNOR GENERAL IN COUrNIL: WHEBmBA the Minister of National Defence for Naval Service reports: (a) That by United States of America Public Law 704, 77th Con- gress entitled "An Act to Facilitate the Disposition of Prizes Captured by the United States during the Present War, and 50 U.S 7 . ., Spp. for Other Purposes", the District Courts of the said United Antep. 5 678. States are given original jurisdiction of all prizes captured during the present war on the high seas if said capture is made by authority of the said United States or is adopted and ratified by the President thereof and the prize is brought into the territorial waters of a cobelligerent or is taken or appro- 1212