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58 STAT.] PERU-NAVAL AVIATION MISSION-an . 31 , Feb. 18 1944 1249 Apr. 6, 29, May 2, 1944 1249 January 31, February 18, April 6, 29, and Agreement between the United States of America and Peru renewing and May 2, 1944 amending the agreement of July 31, 1940 respecting a naval aviation IE.A. . 402] mission. Effected by exchanges of notes signed at Washington January 31, February18, April 6, April 29, and May 2, 1944; effective July 31, 1944. The Peruvian Ambassador to the Secretary of State PERUVIAN EMBASSY WASHINGTON 6, D .C. JANUARY 31, 1944. YOUR EXCELLENCY: In accordance with the provision of Article Three of the Agree- MStat. 236. ment signed between the United States of America and Peru for the appointment of officers and enlisted men to constitute a Naval Aviation Mission in the Republic of Peru, I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that my Government desires that the said services be extended for an identical period as the actual Agreement in force, the renewal to commence upon the termination of the present Agree- ment on July 31,1944. I will appreciate if Your Excellency would be kind enough to in- form me if my Government's proposal is satisfactory to the Govern- ment of the United States. Please accept, Your Excellency, the renewed assurances of my high- est consideration. M. DE FREYRE. Y S. His Excellency, CORDELL HunL, Secretary of State. The Acting Secretary of State to the PeruvianAmbassador DEPARTMENT OF STATE WASHINGTON February18,1944 EXCELLENCY: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Your Excellency's note of January 31, 1944, in which you conveyed the request of your Government for renewal of the Agreement entered into on July 31, 1940 between the Governments of Peru and the United States of 54Stat.Z35. America providing for the assignment of a United States Naval Aviation Mission to Peru.