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1258 INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [58 STAT. Department of Customs and Bxdils 1ityl.ti Jl- Administrative Report (Bilingual "

. Customs and Excise Circular

"B,, i T-J-L . V rIForeign Trade Statisties (Bilingual - mnual) Comptroller and Auditor General's Department Annual Report Rafidain Bank Annual estimate, financial accounts, balance sheets,eto. Agricultural and Industrial Bsnk of Iraq Annual estimate': financial.accounts, balance sheets,etc. Directorate of Government Press Lists or publications issued, 'etc. Ministry of Justice Adninistration Report (Annual) Compilations of Laws and Regulations with Supplements (published separately in Arabio 'L. 'J tLw Review) Tapu Department . Annual Report lnistjy. of Dere e M ;-J1tf (y; '(MlltaryRevew - quarterly) Oeneral Staff Departments Nilitary textbooks and other publications Directorate of Civil Aviation Pamphlets, posters, etc* Ioyal ilitary College Publications Military Secondary School Publications Minlstly of Comeunications and lorks Administrative Report (AInual) Directorate Oeneral'of Posts and Telegraphs Circular Director General's Circular Telephone Directories Directorate General of iraJiStatre alllway t4, IJ Ii;J 4;A y ,B Report oa the Adi nitcratimO of the Railways (published separately in Arabia and Ehglish) Annual) Coeching Tariff (liet of rate regulations) Goods TAriff (frweiht regulatione) Travel guide boos, paqphlets, leaflets, oeto Time tables.