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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [58 STAT. (b) The Dominican Republic agrees to forbid the exportation of such frozen carcasses of beef except by Commodity Credit Corporation or its nominees during the period ending July 1, 1945 and beginning on the date the Dominican Republic indicates its assent to the price offered and terms and conditions specified for the purchase of such frozen carcasses of beef by Commodity Credit Corporation. NotBie of amounts 10. The Government of the Dominican Republic will transmit to available for sale. Commodity Credit Corporation, or its nominee, on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 of each year for the duration of the agreement, written statements as to the amount of the commodities, relative to which new undertakings are made herein, which it expects to be available for sale to Commodity Credit Corporation for the three months' period immediately following. A similar existing committ- ment as to rice, corn and peanut meal is not affected hereby. Commodity CpdIt 11. A representative or representatives of Commodity Credit ative. Corporation, or its nominee, will be stationed in the Dominican Republic to make purchases provided for hereunder on the basis hereinbefore stated, and to aid in the effectuation of the other condi- tions of development and procurement contained herein. Paymnts. 12. Payments for purchases provided for hereunder will be effected by appropriate letters of credit opened in Ciudad Trujillo by Com- modity Credit Corporation or its nominee. "O ficial shipped 13. The "official shipped weight" mentioned in the paragraphs above shall be determined by the representative of the Commodity Credit Corporation, or its nominee, stationed in the Dominican Republic. ourchas^in gesnc 14. Commodity Credit Corporation, or its nominee, shall act as agencies. the purchasing agency for all agencies of the Government of the United States, including the armed forces, for the purchase of meat, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables and other foodstuffs which any of such agencies may purchase in the Dominican Republic. Commodity Credit 15. In connection with the undertakings provided herein, except as orpotlon as exclu- ive purchaser. otherwise provided, the Dominican Government agrees to forbid the exportation of the aforesaid commodities or products from the present date until July 1, 1945 except by Commodity Credit Corpora- tion or its nominee. Since Commodity Credit Corporation shall be the exclusive purchaser for export of such commodities or products, no export permits will be required by the Dominican Government of Dominican sellers to Commodity Credit Corporation or its nominees. Export taxes, et. 16. The prices hereinabove stated include the payment by the sellers of all export taxes and other charges, fees or levies of what- soever nature imposed by the Dominican Government and the Dominican Government will not during the life of the undertakings contained herein increase any such existing export taxes, charges, fees or levies of whatsoever nature. Price aedoe. 17. The forthcoming exchange of notes will embody as to all commodities or products hereinabove contained, relative to which firm undertakings as to price are made or will be made, detailed