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1376 55 Stat. 1336 6astat. 1775; 57 tat. 106L INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [58 STAT. mentary agreement dated August 30, 1941 and extended in accord- ance with an exchange of notes between the Embassy of Colombia at Washington and the Department of State, dated September 22 and November 5, 1942 and, later, July 23 and August 7, 1943. Pursuant to instructions which I have received, I beg to inform Your Excellency that the Government of Colombia, in conformity with the stipulations of article 3, chapter 1, of the aforesaid agreement, would like the latter to be extended for one year beginning November 23, 1944. I respectfully request Your Excellency to let me know whether the Government of the United States accepts the above-mentioned extension. I avail myself of this opportunity to renew to Your Excellency the assurances of my highest and most distinguished consideration. GABRIEL TURBAY His Excellency CORDELL HULL, Secretary of State, Washington, D. C . The Secretary of State to the Colombian Ambassador DEPARTMENT OF STATE WASHINGTON July 18, 1944 EXCELLENCY: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Your Excellency's note of June 26, 1944, requesting on behalf of your Government an extension of the Agreement signed November 23, 1938 and amended by the supplementary Agreement dated August 30, 1941 and extended for a period of one year by an exchange of notes dated September 22 and November 5, 1942, respectively, and further extended for a period of one year by a similar exchange of notes dated July 23 and August 7, 1943, which provides for the assignment of a United States Naval Mission to Colombia. It is noted from Your Excellency's communication of June 26 that your Government desires to continue the existing Agreement for a period of one year, the renewal to commence upon the termination of the present Agreement on November 23, 1944. I am pleased to inform Your Excellency that the proposed extension thereof is accept- able to this Government. Accept, Excellency, the renewed assurances of my highest consid- eration. For the Secretary of State: A. A. BERLE, Jr. His Excellency Sefior Dr. Don GABRIEL TURBAY, Ambassador of Colombia.